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Picture Credits

Home & Logos: NSW field from the NOAA photo library; Crowe from Viva (Poland) 4/01

Maori: Top picture: From L.A. Confidential; Picture of Ngarimu: London Gazette 6/4/43; Crowe dancing: People Magazine 10/9/00; Chief pic: from Maori Tattooing Website

Films: Top left picture: From L.A. Confidential; Top right: Vogue 3/00; Bottom Picture: From Mystery Alaska press packet

Pictures 1 & Pictures 2: Lourene: Unknown; Erica: Hello! Magazine; Meg: Proof of Life; Danielle: The Crossing; Church art, Amnesty art, & Heart art: Russell Crowe's original work; Hammers: Hammers Over the Anvil; Sum of Us: The Sum of Us; Harley: Tonight Show 2000; Scooter: Hola! Magazine 2/18/01; Schwin: People Magazine; O'Neal: People Magazine 4/23/01; Baby Russ: GQ Men of the Year Issue 2000; Russ le Roc: from his video - more captures here; Shrunken Head: from Beetlejuice, Crowe at the San Remo Music Festival; ConeCrowe: from Coneheads, Crowe promoting Proof of Life in Italy; LA Confidential Jacket Cover 1997; Crowe face: unknown.

Links: Top Picture: GQ 3/00; Bottom Picture: From Romper Stomper; Danielle's Picture: from

Graphic Art: All images © Copyright 2002 by Vicki Bennett.

Desktop Backgrounds: Porch: From The Silver Brumby; Couch: London Evening Standard 3/3/00; Tiger: by Anthony Mandler, Flaunt Magazine, 5/00; Gallery: Crowe pic unknown; paintings by Salvador Dali; Congreve: Crowe, 2000 Oscar telecast; Westminster Abbey Poet's Corner; text on left from The Way of the World by William Congreve, 1700; Beach: From Breaking Up; Beach from NOAA Photo Collection; Tacoma Narrows: Crowe, from Gladiator; WWII fighter planes, unknown; houses, from NOAA Photo Collection; bridge & mpeg video probably from Ed Elliot, The Camera Shop, Tacoma, Washington State, USA; Elysian: Scenes from Gladiator; Inspirational Poster: background photo of volcano = unknown; Top Row = NBC's Golden Globe telecast 2000, Skip Magazine 5/00, Unknown; Middle Row = Chris Pizzello Associated Press 3/13/00, Entertainment Weekly 12/22/00, Unknown; Bottom Row = Reuters 7/4/00, Entertainment Weekly 12/99, Unknown; text from this thing I've had on my hard drive for 2+ years; Shameless Self-Promotion: NSW field from the NOAA photo library; Crowe from Viva (Poland) 4/01; BLOC: art from Bastard Life or Clarity and What's Her Name by 30 Odd Foot of Grunts

Borders: Forest Borders: Crowe pic unknown; Smokey Borders: From NBC's Extra!; Gladiator Borders: From Gladiator; Topless: Scene from Gladiator

Handy Man: all unknown.

The Numbers: all unknown.

Birth Chart: First Picture: Entertainment Weekly Yearbook 1995; Second Picture: Who Weekly Magazine, 12/6/99; Third Picture: From The Sum of Us; Bottom Picture: London Evening Standard (unsure) 3/3-9/00

Second Opinion: Top: Viva (Poland) April 2001; Second: EW 2000; Third: unknown; Bottom: Rolling Stone photo by Michael Dirt 2001

Predictions 2002: Top: Universal Studios, © 2001, from A Beautiful Mind; Middle: Universal Studios, © 2001, from A Beautiful Mind; Bottom: Late Night with Jay Leno 2002.

Predictions 2000: Top Picture: Elle Magazine 10/95; Middle Picture: Spotlight Magazine; Bottom Picture: Entertainment Weekly 12/99

Predictions 2001: Top Picture: unknown; Middle picture: From Academy Awards Luncheon 3/13/00; Bottom picture: From L.A. Confidential; Event top: ABC Academy Awards Telecast 3/35/01; Event Bottom: Unknown 1997 AFI Awards

Mr. Lover Russell: Top picture: From The Quick and the Dead; Bottom Picture: From Hammers Over the Anvil

Russ & Donald: Top Picture: From "Mr. Duck Steps Out" 1940, ® Disney; Middle Picture: From The Crossing; Bottom Picture: actual album cover; Wav: Johnny Bravo ®,

You Animal!: First & Second Pictures: From Gladiator; Top Wav: Johnny Bravo ®, ; Bottom Picture & Wav File: Animal ®, Jim Henson Productions

Russ & Johnny: Johnny Bravo, ® (pics & wavs); 1991: From Proof; 1993: From The Silver Brumby; 1996-ish: Quantas In Flight Magazine; 1999: Oscar Telecast; 2000: People Weekly; Crowe In Field: Unknown

Fan Parodies: Page 1 & Page 2: Crowe/fan, Crowe/Scott: Wallace & Gromit ® Pepe Le Pew: ® Dopey: Crowe pic by Renee Olstead 1999; Warner Brothers; Tigger & Theme Song: ® Winnie the Pooh; Disney; Sideburns: Rock-A-Doodle 1992, (left & right); From Heaven's Burning 1997(center); Baloo: Scene & audio clip from Disney's Jungle Book; Shy: Flower from Disney's Bambi; Mickey Mouse ® Disney; Daffy Robin Hood (pics & wavs): ® Warner Brothers Cartoons; Robin Hood dancing: Animated pics from ® Disney's Robin Hood, Crowe pic from Virtuosity, collage & outfit put together by Diana Cooper AKA xpheremone; Dudley Do-Right ® Jay Ward Productions; Popeye ® E.C. Segar; South Park pic and wav from South Park, Bigger Longer and Uncut, by Matt Stone and Trey Parker; Shave: Night of the Mary Key Commandos, Bloom County by Berke Breathed; Media & Bottom Brothers pics: Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson; Top Brothers pic: Unknown; Wham!: Bloom County by Berke Breathed, and Crowe pic by Mike Blake (REUTERS)

TOFOG Fan Parodies: Page 1 & Page 2:
Band: Aristocats, Disney Pictures; Merry Men: Animated pics from ® Disney's Robin Hood; Dumbo from Disney's Dumbo; Pig from The Three Little Javelinas; Animal &3174; Jim Henson Productions; Dean signs autographs pic from Disney's Hercules; Candle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast; Cats pic from Disney's Aristocats; Bugs & Daffy ® Warner Brothers Cartoons; Roman Antix pic originally submitted to the Crowe's Perch message board by Kshandra666; Woody from Disney's Toy Story, doll by Mattel; Garfield by Jim Davis; Bulls: by Gary Larson

A Tribute: Jackson Five: From Proof; Cowlick Left: Unknown; Cowlick Right; E! Golden Globes 2001 Coverage 1/01; X: from Gladiator; Beer: From Breaking Up; Trapezius: from Hammers Over the Anvil; Water: Heat Magazine 7/22/00; Hands: Elle Magazine 10/95; Moe: Unknown; Larry: Unknown; Shemp: from Sum of Us; Manicure: from Gladiator DVD cut scenes; Feet: Elle Magazine 10/95; Eyes: Vogue 3/00; Armpits: from Heaven's Burning

For Sale: Dictionary: Top two quotes from live chat 9/24/98 (available at MaxCrowe), third quote & Crowe pic from Tonight Show 3/20/00; fourth quote from The Inside Story; Dictionary book cover design: Oxford Russian Dictionary 3rd Edition; Chopsticks: Unknown; Hammer set: toy by Plan Toys; Flanel: Unknown; Maximus: From Gladiator; Diet: Small pic from The Insider; Butts: cross-section of "quit-smoking" mouse pad available here; Head: GQ Magazine, 3/00; Chia: Chia product ® Joseph Enterprises, pictures from L.A. Confidential, pic by Albert Lowe (Zuma), from Gladiator, and from Tonight Show with Jay Leno 12/1/00; Laser tag: Pictures from Virtuosity; Date: Picture from Bloom County by Berke Breathed 1988; Danielle: Unknown 1997 AFI Awards; Brochure by Diana Cooper 2001; Picture of Wemyss: New Zeland Herald, Granddad inspired Crowe article by Bridget Carter, 3/28; Hando: from Romper Stomper


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