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Wood nymph statue at Middleton Place gardens I'm confused ...

I'm a young, bright, reasonably attractive female. I have a job. I'm not materialistic or a dreamer. Yet I find myself spending a huge chunk of my free time on a fan site dedicated to a man I'll never meet. Why?

Perhaps I like to learn new things. I didn't know squat about web design. Now Squat's my best friend. I also like to be creative. I seem to express myself well-enough.

Or maybe it could be something about Mr. Crowe. Like his farm. Like his love for animals. Like that he's not so full of himself he can't take self-depreciating humor (knock on wood). I even like the fact he still lives with Mommy. But he's not really my type, and some of what he says and does confounds me - not what he did necessarily, just that he didn't think before he did it.

It's not him, really. It's me. You see, I've got a little gremlin inside me. I keep her caged. She likes to play. And she loves playing with Russell Crowe.

But she doesn't always play nice. She's hard to control. I try to keep her locked up, but she gets out sometimes ... I'm sure you know that by now. Pray for me, please. Pray the illustrious PR gods don't smite me for my frailties.

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