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  • Any photos I tinkered with are © their respective authors/companies listed here.

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MindVoyager by David González.
by David González
1024x768 (133k)
800x600 (91k)
Wigand by Cornmaiden.
by Cornmaiden
1024x768 (132k)
800x600 (101k)

My Creations

Crowe on the beach in black.
Beach Black
1024x768 (134k)
800x600 (99k)
Crowe on the beach in purple.
Beach Purple
1024x768 (134k)
800x600 (99k)
Go Russ Go!
Shameless Self-Promotion
1024x768 (176k)
800x600 (121k)
Crowe with Dali in Gray
Gallery Gray
1024x728 (161k)
800x600 (108k)
Who's the painter?
Crowe with Dali in Teal
Gallery Teal
1024x728 (166k)
800x600 (111k)
Who's the painter?
Russell Crowe prayer for the stressed.
1024x768 (246k)
800x600 (171k)
Russell on the porch in maroon.
Maroon Porch
1024x768 (151k)
800x600 (107k)
Russell on the porch in green.
Green Porch
1024x768 (152k)
800x600 (107k)
Russell on the porch in gold.
Gold Porch
1024x768 (165k)
800x600 (116k)
Crowe & Tiger in Blue
Tiger Blue
1024x768 (180k)
800x600 (118k)
Crowe & Tiger in Red
Tiger Red
1024x768 (177k)
800x600 (116k)
Crowe in a Cathedral
800x600 (250k)
Who's Congreve?
Crowe on a couch in blue.
Blue Couch
1024x768 (138k)
800x600 (96k)
Crowe on a couch in cream.
Cream Couch
1024x768 (132k)
800x600 (80k)
Crowe dreaming of the Elysian Fields.
1024x768 (138k)
800x600 (102k)
Crowe on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Tacoma Narrows
800x600 (121k)
What's Tacoma Narrows?

Montage Back Stories


His Bio

William Congreve (1670-1729) was a Restoration era playwright, said to be second only to Shakespeare (only because it's a pain to write in iambic pentameter). A master of dialogue, character, and intricate plots. The Way of the World, Act II, Scenes I - III are pictured on the left. Why? I heard Crowe mention his name in an interview. I was surprised he knew who Congreve was. Crowe never went to college, which was where I learned about the playwright. But then again he DID work the theater circuit for a while, and he DOES read! Up to Congreve Background

Tacoma Narrows

The Tacoma Narrows bridge swayed and then collapsed in 40 mph winds in 1940, just months after it was completed. Killed one cocker spaniel and put on a hell of a show. Why? The bridge, in Bremerton, Washington (US), is located near Seattle. Crowe won a few International Film Awards there; I thought it'd be neat to do a King Kong/Godzilla type spoof showing how Seattle must have reacted to Mr. Crowe. He left a mess (see pic on left)! Up to Tacoma Narrows Background

Salvador Dali

Great WWW Gallery

Spanish Surrealist painter and sculptor. 1904-1989. Very prolific. Paintings pictured are Figure at a Window (left, © 1925), Untitled (top center, © 1983), The Dream (bottom center, © 1931), Surrealist Composition (right, © 1928). Why? I like Salvador Dali. Up to Dali Background

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