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"I've been compared to about 19 different people so far, eventually it'll be to Donald Duck." - Crowe, 1997

Top Ten Ways Russell Crowe Is Like Donald Duck

They both smoke. Russell since he was nine, and Donald's been singed, burnt and blown up. Donald Duck with his gal Daisy

Russell Crowe with his gal Danielle Spencer

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Neither have kids, despite the fact most men/ducks their age do.
With Donald's grating quack and Russell's husky Aussie accent, Americans can only understand half of what they say.
Russ and Donald have only one sibling. Donald's twin sister left Hewey, Dewey and Louie at his doorstep. Watch out for Terry, Russ!
Both dated their first female film co-star for years. Names are similar, too (Danielle, Daisy). Guess who scored?
Both have been acting since childhood. Russell's a great actor, but YOU try getting punched, torched, shot at, ticked off, beaten up, and an anvil dropped on your head thousands of times since 1934 and see if YOU keep up your performance level!
Both tried their hands at musical careers. Alas, Donald sold more records. *Sigh* maybe he should try disco.
Album Cover for Disco Duck Both make it their mission to dance with their co-stars -- Donald with Daisy and Russ with his female leads. Russ blows him away; all Donald can do is waddle.
Ever seen Donald's temper?
Two words: big feet.

Sorry, Russ, this was just too good to pass up!

Thanks, Mar, for tuning me into HayRoll!

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