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Crowe, poised and ready. But it won't take much to topple him over ... Valid 4/7/01 - 4/7/02

I cannot stress enough how important 2001 is. The last time Russell Crowe had a significant event year he was nominated for an Oscar. This major event won't be an internal change; it will be outwardly and publicly expressed. Possible areas are a major career change, unexpected health problems, freedom, divorce and separation issues (doesn't have to be his, just has to significantly affect and change him). But don't bet the farm, since the nature of these event years is to mark a major change; it doesn't necessarily have to be a Uranus-related event. It will definitely be sudden, unexpected, and different from anything Crowe's thus far experienced. Expect it sometime between October 2000 at the very earliest and October 2002 at the latest.

If he's not producing or directing his first film this year, he should be. He will feel an intense urge to go where angels fear to tread, and actively take control of a work-related situation. It will expect his immediate, undivided attention. It will drive him. It will demand most of his emotional energy. It will dip into his most artistic and sensual desires.

He's already dressing like the director! Leadership efforts are strong this year. And the gods are with him all the way. Exceptional concentration, enthusiasm, even disposition and temperament will assist any endeavor. Help will be there if and when he needs it.

Russell will, however, need to avoid the booze and watch his temper. Because he could get violent. Breathe, Russ, breathe. People may think he's idealistic, blunt or tactless (some already do). He should also take care of domestic matters early this year, because once he's involved in this project, he's in it to his eyeballs.

This next issue ties directly to acting. If a director needs someone who can psychically melt into the character, Russ is the man. Crowe can see what a director wants from him and from the character before he even asks, and deliver it with the same sensual passion usually reserved only for women. He will literally mix his raw sex drive with his character subconsciously, whether it's written in the script or not (think L.A. Confidential). It may not be seen, but will definitely be felt -- by every woman on the planet. It might even inflame those who just don't get the character like he does. Russell may even use his sex to manipulate a conflict his way!

Russell's expression this year is like Bud White's -- physical, aggressive and passionately violent. On the romantic front Russell may feel better about expressing his affection openly for his lady friends. But he may demand attention, and seem self-centered and aggressive. His true feelings may seem obscured, causing an "all you want from me is sex" argument instead of her realizing that is how he expresses himself right now -- intuitively.

Areas of possible activity this year include travel (especially foreign), religion, philosophy, law, books, publishing, and advice. And he will once again be under public scrutiny, which will be more of a detriment than a boost this year. Bottom line: A very significant, emotional and sensitive year for Crowe.

Event Diary

A stunned Russell Crowe picks up his first Oscar. 3/26/01 - Going paragraph by paragraph, here are my thoughts for this year:

Significant Event: Though I'm still hoping for babies and marriage, an Oscar certainly does qualify! Judging by his reaction, he wasn't expecting it. *Hmph* Should've read my page, huh? The kidnap plot qualifies even more; he should keep the security up. Sometimes several life-changing events happen in these years, and it hasn't officially begun yet ...

Directing: There's talk that Crowe will be directing his first picture soon. A Course in Miracles maybe. Having that Oscar will certainly help.

Women & Booze: There's already been one bit of gossip concerning Courtney Love and several shots of tequila. Also something about signing his name on Curtis Hanson's (director of L.A. Confidential) car that night. He & Meg Ryan broke up in December, which accounts in part for getting domestic/romance out of the way early. Unless he and the lovely Danielle hook up in the next two weeks, Crowe will start the year off single. (Even if he does, it still qualifies getting the romance out early).
Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer at the 1997 AFI Awards.

Acting: Crowe's playing John Forbes Nash in the upcoming Ron Howard movie, A Beautiful Mind. At the time I wrote my prediction, I didn't know Mr. Nash was bisexual, and was once arrested for it (McCarthy era).

More Women: This is one area I doubt I'll be able to tie an event to, since most of the "facts" are going to be tabloid gossip (like that Courtney Love thing). None of my business anyway.

Last Paragraph: Promoted Proof of Life overseas. Public scrutiny is an on-going thing, and having the Oscar isn't going to help matters. LOL

4/14/01 - Wall Street Journal published a "clean up your act" piece, which relates to the public perception problems in his chart. Full article on MaxCrowe.

5/17/01 - Okay, so he's not organizing everything for his directorial debut. He's organizing/promoting a US tour with TOFOG. So shoot me. It's still a big project, isn't it?

10/13/01 - Ok, so he IS planning a directorial debut, The Long Green Shore. Shooting begins next spring.

NOTE: Once again, this is only an eentsy bit of what a true solar return can reveal if I had Crowe's birth time. Yes, I'm begging for it. Read my DISCLAIMER for more information.

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