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No time for that now, Russ! Valid 4/7/00 - 4/7/01

NOTE: Since I don't have a birth time for Russell, this amounts to 1/10 of a true Solar Return reading, and doesn't necessarily show all significant areas of concern. I did the best I could with what I had. DISCLAIMER

The year 2000 will be an easy, lucky year for Russell. He'll start to feel it at a deeply personal level in January or February, a full three months before his birthday. Money, possessions, creative opportunities, and female interest will come in tsunami-sized waves. He'll feel particularly determined to accumulate, plan, and build a future with this new found wealth. It'll consume most of his mental energies. But, he should take care not to be TOO greedy.

This year will also be very active and centered around him personally. Many events will be felt, realized, and acted out instinctively. Remember that special challenge concerning the ground-breaking, influencial, energetic and creatively expressed desire of his? It comes into play early this year (close to his birthday). Crowe'll have an epiphany AND a practical idea of how to achieve it. Perhaps concerning humanitarian, spiritual, and freedom issues, especially if he "knows" they're right (if born 1:30 am - 5:00 pm). He get with a group and create some-thing new and inspirational that explores truth, freedom or the human condition.

The way I read it, he'll get an especially poignant script or log-line concept, know intuitively he's right for the role and the right way to plot it, get with a development group, and actively and aggressively get it done his way (which will be the right way). This also may be a major source of frustration this year.

Russell Shines in 2000 Early in the year (starting around April) he may feel absent-minded and disorganized, what with all the business traveling and attention he's getting. It may even make him ill. He may spill the beans on an important secret and have problems communicating clearly. There might also be a situation early on where Russell is mistrustful and paranoid of someone (perhaps an accountant or agent who's miserly or greedy). He'll get involved with many jobs.

Dealings with the public will be fortunate and easy this year. The gods are smiling on him, and he'll call the shots most of the time. People will identify with him. All this public attention may too be a source of confusion and frustration, mental and sometimes emotional. Russell's will get through it if he maintains his focus (which is strong this year) and doesn't try to over-analyze it or be too critical.

He may unerringly fight for a good cause this year, perhaps at great emotional and personal cost to him (like that time he bought a $42,000 item from his favorite rugby team's auction). Good news: what he loses in the fight will be gained right back. If he was born between 3:00 am and 6:00 pm, the public will like it, seek his out his patient, hard-working, courageous spirit, and probably pay him well for it. (NOTE: emotional issues with the last two paragraphs are only poignant if born after 2:00 pm, and VERY poignant if born 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm.)

Sorry, you can't hide from us all! Ah, and now we come to a subject dear to men's hearts: women. I hope he's not dating anyone, because the grapes are ripe this year. Go get drunk! Russell will show an instinctive charm and women will take note. They (lonely romantics; lusty and exotic beauties) will chase him fiercely. He'll be drawn to the more "exotic" liaisons; he may even have more than one outlet for his affections. Crowe may also find that "true love" (not likely). He also may lie about his true feelings. But it'll sound sweet anyway. (For a girlfriend who's reading this, I should note that this may manifest in only new friendships with women. The aspects imply romance, but it may only show up as kinship. So have faith.)

Also in the stars is variety -- in women, travel, and emotional pursuits. Musical and artistic expression energies are particularly intuitive and fruitful, and should be pursued.

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