Within this section you'll find the more relevant news about the worldwide metal scene. Info concerning our latest updates will also be available.

08/02/04 - As you have noticed, there weren't many updates in the last months, we are sorry for that, but a major update is being prepared and will be uploaded soon.

25/10/03 - Check the interview the Evil Avennger from Front Beast here.

01/09/03 - Three reviews were upload:
Armaggedon - "The Wrath Of The Black Empire"
Armaggedon/Necroplasma/Epuration Satanique - "Glory of the Ancient Gods"
Front Beast - "Procreation in Fire"

01/09/03 - The Interview with Inner Helvete wass completed and uploaded. Check it here.

25/07/03 - Check the review to the new Melecchesh album here.

22/07/03 - A new review was uploaded:
Lugubre “Bloodshedding War Hymns”

Read here the interview with Balor from Morrigan.

Graveland's new album "Blood of Heroes" was finally released, expect a review soon here in Sinful Obscurity.

The split-CD featuring Flagellum Dei, Lux Ferre and Sterkvind will be released by War Productions in the next 28th of July.

The following album from the Spanish Cryfemal will be released in cooperation by Oniric Records and War Productions.

21/07/03 - New reviews available online:
Setherial - "Endtime Divine"
Godless North / Chemin de Haine - "Only Human Ashes are Real"

17/07/03 - Check out the review to the astonishhing new album from Blut Aus Nord here.

The portuguese bands Inner Helvete and War Blasphemy will release a split EP through the swedish label Total Holocaust Records

13/07/03 - The review to the new demo from the Portuguese band War Blasphemy is finally online:
War Blasphemy - "For the Glory of the Unpure"

02/07/03 - The interview with Grand Belial's Keey was completed and uploaded. Check it here.

01/07/03 - Check out the review to:
Thunderbolt - "Black Clouds over Dark Majesty"

18/06/03 - Another review is available online:
Inner Helvete/Front Beast - "United Terror Division"

13/06/03 - The following review was uploaded: Tormentvm - "Misanthropic Propaganda"

04/06/03 - After an enormous delay, the review to Insision's "Beneath The Folds of Flesh" was finally uploaded. Check it here.

A new Norwegian band called Grimfist has signed to Candlelight Records. Their debut album is entitled "Ghouls of Grandeur" and includes elements of black, death and old school heavy metal, creating a highly original style of their own. Release date » 22/09/003.

Lord Belial have just released their 7" picture vinyl "Purify Sweden" through Metal Fortress Entertainment in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies.

The Italian Necrodeath have finished the recordings of their next album, entitled "Last Ton(e)s of Hate". It will feature some experimental details, but the sonority featured will continue in the vein of the last albums, "Pitch as Black" and "Mater of All Evil". Release Date » September 2003.

25/05/03 - Two new reviews were posted online:
Infernüs - "Ódio Infernal"
Xasthur - "Suicide in Dark Serenity"

10/05/03 - The following reviews are online:
Weltmacht - "And to Every Beast its Prey"
Graveland - "Memory and Destiny"

Storm Legion - "Rebirth of the Flame"

03/05/03 - The following review was uploaded:
Kristallnacht - "Adversary"

Deathspell Omega and Cantus Bestiae are preparing a split to be released soon through Northern Heritage.

01/05/03 - The review to the new Carpathian Forest album was uploaded:
Carpathian Forest - "Defending the Throne of Evil"

27/04/03 - The following review has been uploaded:
Exul - "The Unveil of the Darkest Arts"

The following has been uploaded:
Limbonic Art - "Ultimate Death Worship"
Spawn of Possession - "Cabinet"
Ad Hominem - "Planet ZOG - The End"
Flagellum Dei - "Victory of Tiranny"

Interview with Kaiser Wodhanaz in behalf of Ad Hominem

The new Weltmacht album entitled "And to Every Beast its Prey" has been released. Expect the review soon here in Sinful Obscurity.

The legendary deathmetalers Immolation have found a new vocalist and he his the founder member of the band John McEntee.

Ancient Rites have just release their new album - "And the Hordes Stood as One". Surprisingly, this is a live album.

06/04/03 - Check the review to this band from Luxemburg:
Black Candle - "Nightfire"

“Destruction Of Man” is the title of the new album from Svartsyn. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Necromorbus Studios and it will be released by Sound Riot.

The cult american band Summon  have just released their new album through Moribund Cult: "And The Blood Runs Black"

05/04/03 - The following reviews have been completed and posted online:
Carpathian Forest - "We're are Going to Hell for this"
Judas Iscariot - "Moonlight Butchery"

04/04/03 - The following interviews have been uploaded:
Interview with A in behalf of Armagedda
Interview with Shatraug in behalf of Horna

29/03/03 - The interview with Shane Rout from Abyssic Hate was finally uploaded. Check it here.

Teemu "Somnium" Raimoranta (Finntroll, Impaled Nazarene) died in the last week. 19.5.1977 - 16.3.2003.

War Productions will release, in the near future, a split tape with Flagellum Dei and Lux Ferre. The split will be called "Kult Of The Black Flame".

Lux Ferre new demo "Unholy Ascendance of Satan" was finally released by War Productions. Check its review here.

The Portuguese band Stervind (interviewed here in Sinful Obscurity a couple of months ago) are currently recording some new songs that will be featured in their new album "Nuclear Baptism - A New Era's Rise From The Ashes Of Sub-human Annihilation" that will be released by the, also Portuguese, label War Productions.

Emperor's best of will be released in the 10th of March and will contain two CDs, one with chosen songs by the band themselves and other with some rarities. The line-up will be as follows:

Disc One Disc Two
Curse You All Men A Fine Day To Die (Bathory cover)
The Tongue Of Fire Aerie Descen
The Majesty Of The Night Sky Cromlech
Cosmic Keys To My Creations & Times Gypsy
Wrath Of The Tyran Funeral Fog
An Elegy Of Icaros I Am
I Am The Black Wizards Sworn (Ulver Remix)
Thus Spake The Nightspirit (live) Lords Of The Storms
Ye Entrancemperium My Empire's Doom
In The Wordless Chamber Moon Over Kara-Shehr
With Strength I Burn Ancient Queen
Inno A Satana Witches Sabbath

The new Yattering album entitled "Genocide" will also be released in the 10th of March

Ved Buens Ende, the band that features elements from Darkthrone, Dodheimsgard or Ulver will see their album "Fleurity" re-released by Candlelight Records in May of this year.

After releasing "Superior Massacre" that got excellent reviews all over the world, and finished the tour with Nile that was also well acclaimed, Myrkskog are planning to tour Scandinavia along with Cannibal Corpse in the near future.

Candlelight Records bought the rights for all Centinex's albums and will re-release all of them in the beginning of the next year.

Zyklon are currently ultimating the last details for their new album "Aeon" that will be released soon and will feature the following line-up:
1. Psyklon Aeon
2. Core Solution
3. Two Thousand Years
4. No Names Above the Names
5. The Prophetic Method
6. Specimen Eruption
7. Electric Current
8. An Eclectic Manner

It is official, Limbonic Art has ended. The reasons invoked by the band to do so are: "lack of inspiration"

No Colours Records will release the following material in the next months:
- Abyssic Hate - "Cleansing of an anccient race"/“Eternal Damnation“ LP/CD
- Abyssic Hate - "Medication" Doouble CD or CD
- Nargaroth - “Black Metal ist Krieg” Gateefold DLP
- Nargaroth - “Rasluka Part I” 10”Mini LP// Mini CD
- Nargaroth - “Left behind in suicide” 7”EEP
- Nargaroth - “Jahreszeiten” LP/CD
- Weltmacht - "…and to every beast itt´s prey" LP/CD
- Gaahlskagg - "Av norront blot"; CD
- Graveland new album
- Lord Wind new Album
- Iuvenes - “Live in eternal sin” Mini CD<
- Wigrid new Album
- Flagellator - "Chanelling the Acherron" CD/LP

- Check the review to InThyFlesh - "Ode Nacional"
- The Links section was also updated

The German label Barbarian Wrath will release soon the following material:
- Gravewürm -  "Into Batttle" (Spring of this year)
- Megiddo - "The Holocaust Messsiah" (August of this year)
- Faustcoven - "The Halo Of Buurning Wings" (No release date yet)

Unholy Records has just released: "A tribute to Burzum" that features bands such as Judas Iscariot, Nokturnal Mortum, Cryogenic in a double-cd.

11/01/03 - More reviews have been uploaded:
Arch Enemy - "Wages of Sin"
Nile - In their Darkened Shrined
Pyaemia - "Cerebral Cereal"

01/01/03 - The following reviews have been uploaded:
Impiety - "Kaos Kommand 696"

Corpus Christii - "In League with Blackmetal"

24/12/02 - We're glad to announce, finally, that we've recruited a new member for the crew, her name is LubnaMagnis and she will work together with us from now on. Here are her first reviews:
Myrkskog - "Superior Massacre"
Severe Torture - "Misanthropic Carnage"

22/12/02 - A few reviews have been uploaded:
Nargaroth - "Rasluska Part II"
Tsjuder - "Demonic Possession"

Gaahl is finally out of prison, so expect for soon the new Gaahlskagg album.

The debut MCD of Torrent, the new acquisition of No Colours Records will be released very soon.

The Swedish act Zavorash have recently signed with Sebstmord Services which will release their second demo "In Odium Veritas" in CD and in Vinyl format. A full-length album is scheduled to be released in May/June of the next year.

Craft are preparing a new album, the follow-up to this year's brilliant "Terror Propaganda". We can only expect this jewel for the autumn of the next year.

Satanic Warmaster "Black Katharsis" mCD is finally out through  Northern Heritage.

Thy Infernal are preparing a new work, still nameless, that will be released in the begginning of 2003.

Atilla Csihar, former Mayhem vocalist and currently in the Hungarian act Tormentor, is currently being held in custody in Italy for the possession of 158 ecstasy pills and some grams of hash.

Iscariah has just left Immortal. The replacer has already been chosen, he is Saroth who also plays with the Swedish Pain.

Bathory will soon release two new albums, their names are "Nordland Part 1" and "Nordland Part 2" that will be released in December 2002 and in January 2003, respectively.

Darkthrone are currently preparing their new album, that will be intitled "Hate Them". This album is scheduled to be released in February 2003 through Moonfog.

30/11/02 - The interview with Lux Ferre was concluded and uploaded. Check it here.

The following material will be released soon by Merciless Records/ Breath of Night:
- Scepter - "Fucking Metal Mottherfuckers"
- Buried God - "Dark Revelatioons"
- Martire - "Brutal Legions off the Apocalypse"
- Disinter - "Desecrated";
- Nuclear Death - "All Creaturres Great and Eaten"

Genocide Kommando the new project featuring Nocturnus Horrendus from Corpus Christii, Noctu, the leader of Drakkar Productions and some Celestia members as guest musicians, has just release the debut album intitled "Blackmetal Supremacy".

Thy Infernal are preparing their new album, following last years excellent "Warlords of Hell", that will be released in early 2003.

08/11/02 - Check the review to the new jewel that Morrigan has offered us here.

03/11/02 - The review to the new Antaeus album "De Principii Evangelikum" is available here.

01/11/02 - It was uploaded the review to the demo of Fear thy Name entitled "I - The Awakening". Check it here.

Upcoming releases from No Colours Records:
- Forgotten Woods - "As the woolves gather“ / "The curse of mankind“ Double CD (in late Nov.)
- Nargaroth - "Geliebte des Reegens" Gatefold DLP / Digi CD (in Dec. ´002)
- Nargaroth - "Black Metal istt Krieg" Gatefold DLP (no release date)
- Woodtemple - "Feel the angerr of the wind“ Digi CD (ltd. to 666 handnumbered!) / CD (in late Nov.)
- Weltmacht - "...and to everyy beast it's prey" LP / CD ( no release date)
- Torrent Mini LP/Mini CD (no releaase date)
- Satanic Warmaster 2nd LP/CD (no rrelease date)
- Suicidal Winds 10" Mini LP ((no release date)
- Gaahlskagg - "Av norront bloot" CD (no release date)
- Abyssic Hate - "Cleansing off an ancient race"/"Eternal damnation"LP/CD (+Bonustracks!) (no release date)
- Abyssic Hate - "Medication&qquot; new album - Double CD (no release date)
- Iuvenes Mini CD with old materiall! (no release date)
- Wigrid new Album, next year
- Lord Wind new Album, next year - Graveland new Album, next year

30/10/02 - The review to Craft - "Terror Propaganda", one of thhe best albums that I've listened in the last months is finally online. Check it here.

The german label Barbarian Wrath and their US correspondent Witches Brew, will release in this month (October) the following albums:
Sithlord - "The Return To Godless Times" (Old-School Thrash-metal)
Stiny Plamenu - "Rány Cerným Kovem" (Very primitive Blackmetal from Czech Republic)
Hatework - "Madbent For Disaster" (Italian thrashers in the vein of Tankard)
The Chasm - "Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire" (Old-school Deathmetal from Mexico)

The Portuguese Alastor (a side project with elements from Decayed) are recording their new album "Face The Barbarian Alastor" that will also be released through Barbarian Wrath in the end of this year.

Countess, the Dutch Blackmetal legends have just finished recording their new album "Tales Of Blasphemy And Desacration" that will be released in early 2003. Expect for soon an interview with them here in Sinful Obscurity.

Grand Belial's Key have licensed their latest release "Judeobeast ASSaSSination" to Moribund Records for a domestic release in the following weeks.

The North-American NunSlaughter have finished the recordings of their new album "Goat" that will be released through Revenge Productions in November.

After releasing the very well received "Enter the Sea of Flames", Morrigan, are now very busy with some concerts in German soil.

Heretic that haven't released yet their latest album "Devilworshipper" are already recording its follow up entitled "Breeding Children To Sacrifice To Satan"

21/09/2002 - The Interview with Sataere from InThyFlesh has been uploaded. Check it here.

The interview with Ogham in behalf of Sterkvind has been uploaded. Check it here.

Graveland and Lord Wind are preparing new albums, still nameless, that will be released in the beginning of 2003.

Due to Gaahl being in prison, the release of the new Gaahlskagg album was delayed. The album will be released, probably, in the beginning of 2003.

Carpathian Forest will release their new album "We are Going to Hell for This" in October on vynil through the German label No Colours Records.

Abyssic Hate are planning to re-release their Demo "Cleansing of an Ancient Race" and their MCD "Eternal Damnation" in CD/LP format.

We are preparing a huge article about the HeadbangersFest that will be concluded and uploaded soon, but meanwhile you can see some information and photos at the Fest official site www.headbangersfest.com

30/07/02 - A few reviews have been uploaded:
Lux Ferre - "Wicked Riffs of War
Gwidion - "Augmentation"
Storm Legion - "...Statement"
Abyssic Hate - "Suicidal Emotions"
Armagedda - "The Final War Approaching"
Black Dawn - "Blood for Satan"
Carpathian Forest - "Morbid Fascination of Death"
Godless North - "Summon the Age of Supremacy"

The New Nargaroth album "Geliebte des Regens" is nearly ready recorded! It is scheduled to be released in the Autumn of this year.

Norwegian Tsjuder have finally finished the recording of their new album entitled "Diabolical Possession". That's for sure the most brutal Satanic Black Metal album ever recorded in Norway. That jewel will be available the 15th of june. Limited edition digipack and LP version are planned. Later will come the normal standard CD version.

Gaahlskagg will be in the Studio later this year to record the new album "Av Noront Blot". Musically it should be more unrelenting and in the sytle of Darkthrone´s "Transilvanian Hunger". The release date is planned around autumn 2002.

The next Abyssic Hate album will be called "Medication" and will be released in about a year! A limited Split LP with Judas Iscariot is also being planned.

The second Iuvenes Album "When heroes will rise" will be released soon.

Sathanas MCD and Seeds of hate CD are out now!

The new Arghoslent CD "Incorrigible Bigotry" will be released soon.

Later this year will be the release of the long-since recorded "Moonlight Butchery" MCD/10"MLP from Judas Iscariot. With this recording the band returns to the slower forbidding style of their earlier works and includes an unreleased bonus track!

Graveland's new album, "Memory and Destiny", is being recorded at the moment. This new album will firstly be released in A5 format (like Nargaroth - "Blackmetal Ist Krieg". This album is scheduled to be released in the Autumn of this year.

The third album "The fate worse than death" from Thor's Hammer will be released by No Colours. The album is ready recorded and will be released in June!.

After surprisingly getting a female vocalist, Sinister are now looking for a guitar player, if you're interested in the place check this:
The new guitarist needs to be technically well skilled and besides be able to guarantee a full commitment to the band. Interested? If so send an e-mail to paul@mtb.eur.nl. - Taken with permission from Hammerheart's official website.

The Greek metal legends Septic Flesh have recently signed up with Hammerheart Records. The band will soon enter the Fredman Studios to record their first album through this label.

Grand Belial's Key European tour was cancelled due to a boycott movement emerging from Holland. But Drakkar has managed to make a mini-tour with GBK, Unpure and Watain. You can see the dates of the tour here.

Drakkar productions new new jewel is Anwil that are in studio preparing their debut album. So expect an uncorrupted assault of the most violent Black/Death Metal.

Tsjuder's new Blackmetal assault named "Demonic Possession" will be released in the 1st of April.

Following the very well received "Hellbrigade", Centinex's new album "Diabolical Desolation" will be released in 11/03/02.

The release of Satyricon's new album (already recorded) was delayed to late Summer due to reasons beyond control of the band. But expect news from Satyricon soon, as they will release an album (sort of best of) commemorating 10 years of existence named "Ten Horns - Ten Diadems", in this spring.

18/01/02 - The interview with Nag regarding Tsjuder's upcoming album is finally available here.

Thorns' homonymous debut full length album has been nominated "Metal album of year 2001" by Norwegian indie awards Alarm.

Satyricon have completed the recording of their new album and are currently waiting to mix.

Satyricon have been visited in the studio by guest artists Anja Garbarek and Knut Schreiner(Euroboys, ex-Turbonegro). They are currently awaiting further contributions from Phil Anselmo(Pantera, Necrophagia) and David Vincent( The Genitortures, ex-Morbid Angel)

New AntaeuS album "De Principiis Evangelikum" in early 2002.

It's rumored that Peter Tagtgren will closed he's very well known The Abyss Studios, because some labels are using this studio as a marketing maneuver.

New albums coming up from Candlelight in 2002:
Source Of Tide - "Blueprints" - Feb 25th
Various - "Candlelight Collection" - Feb 25th - Compilation of some of Candlelight bands
Centinex - "Diabolical Desolation" - March 11th
Incantation - TBA - March 11th - USA Deathmetal legends are back, this time connected to Candlelight
Arcturus - "Aspera Hiems Synf." + "Constellation EP" - March 25th - The remix of this classical
Insomnium - "In The Halls Of Awaiting" - April 8th
Kaamos - TBA - April 8th
Zyklon - TBA - May - An Ep with special CD-Rom features
Myrkskog - TBA - TBA - The awaited return of this excellent band
Christian Death - TBA - TBA 

Sound Riot:
- 2 bands have recently signed by Sound Riiot. Their monikers are the following: Eridu Arcane (NOR) and Rupture Christ (USA).
- Incinerator's album (still nameleess) will probably be released during December. They haven't decided where the recording sessions will take place.
- Grayscale will start recording ttheir -still nameless- new album in July, at Watercastle Studio. 
- Lost in Twilight's full-lenght wwas put on hold, due to some problems. It will be recorded, as planned initially, at Astia Studios.

Help the Portuguese metal by writing an e-mail to headbanger@infiniteshop.net saying the 10 bands you want to see playing live in Lusitanian ground during the year of 2002.

So Die Music
- The Portuguese grinders Holocausto Canibal have finished the recordings of their second album, entitled "Sublime Massacre Corpóreo". Vukodlack (from Sirius) and the Stealing Orchestra were also involved in this brutal recording process. Some of the song titles are: "Raped by Chainsaw", "Suffocated by Semen", "Blenorragic 'Doggy-Style' Fuck" and "Cadaveric Spasm Ejaculation". 

Osmose Productions:
- The latest effort from Enslaved is entitled "Monumension" and will be released in 19th November. Here's the tracklist:
1. Convoys To Nothingness 
2. The Voices
3. Vision: Sphere of the Elements - A Monument Part II
4. Hollow Inside (Featuring Trygve Mathiesen on vocals) 
5. The Cromlech Gate 
6. Enemy I 
7. Smirr
8. The Sleep: Floating Diversity - A Monument Part III 
9. Outro: Self - Zero

01/11/2001 - It was uploaded the review of Abominattion's "Rites of the Eternal Hate", this was the first release of the new Portuguese label Progress Music. Check it here.

18/10/2001 - It is finally online the interview with Lord Ahriman regarding Dark Funeral's latest release, "Diabolis Interium". Here

- Zyklon have found a replacement for Daemon, the lucky guy is Secthdamon (Odium/ Myrkskog) who will handle both vocals and bass during the next tour.
- Centinex and Insomnium hhave entered studio with the purpose of recording their new albums.
- Myrkskog went to Florida to recoord the follow up for the great "Deathmachine" along with Eric Rutan from Morbid Angel. 
- The new Emperor album entitled ""Prometheus - The Disciple of Fire and Demise" is finally available, expect the review within a couple of days here in Sinful Obscurity.

- The label features 2 new releases: Decayed's "Ten Years of Steel" and Corpus Christii's "The Fire God (digipack CD). The first one includes live tracks and it's limited to 1010 hand-numbered copies.
- Due to censorship problems, the videocliip recorded by the polemic Corpus Christii, which was to be featured as bonus for their new album "The Fire God, will only appear on a special edition of this album that will be released in the beginning of 2002.

- The French Label arranged a tour that wiill take place in February 2002. The chosen bands are Grand Belial's Key, Tsjuder, Unpure and probably other support band. 
- 3 new releases are available. Grand< Belial's Key "Judeobeast Assassination", Vermeth's debut and Abigail's MCd.
- The american Sathanas will releaase a MCd entitled "Cruendos Diabolos", in December.
- Slavia is the name of Norway's nnew black metal band. They've released a pro tape through Drakkar and judging by the reviews, these guys really kick ass.
- Seeds of Hate haave signed with Drakkar. The title of the german's first album through this label is entitled "Persecution of Human Filth". Out in December 2001.
- Abigail have started the recordiing sessions for their new album, wich will be released in February 2002, in CD and LP version.
- Corpus Christii, currentlly under the banner of Hiberica, will release a new 7"EP through Drakkar. In 2002.
- The Spanish Primigenium and the Australian Atomizer have signed with Drakkar. 
- After the excellent "Kill for Satan", Tsjuder are recording a new black metal assault. It will be released in 2002.
- Decayed's new album "Nockthurnaaal" is finally available. Decayed and their label Drakkar are officially distributed in Portugal by Hiberica.

Century Media:
- Borknagar's new album - "Empiriciism" have seen the light of day in the latest days, but unfortunately I haven't got the chance to listen to it yet. This new album marks the debut appearance of two new band members, bassist Tyr (who plays live with Emperor) and vocalist Vintersorg (who replaces the departed ICS Vortex), on a Borknagar record. The tracklist is the following: "Liberated", "Gods of My World", "The Stellar Dome", "The Genuine Pulse", "Inherit the Earth", "The Black Canvas", "The view of Everlast", "Soul Sphere" and "Four Element Syncronocity".
- The Brazilian Krisiun are back, once again, this deeath metal trio has delivered an extraordinary album full of excessive speed, inhuman drumming, and staggering guitar work called "Ageless Venomous". The track listing for this album is as follows: "Perpetuation", "Dawn Of Flagellation", "Ageless Venomous", "Evil God's Havoc", "Eyes Of Eternal Scourge", "Savior's Blood", "Serpent's Specters" (instrumental) (Yes. You read it right: Instrumental. Their first ever.), "Ravenous Hordes", "Diableros" (a classically-tinged guitar and percussion instrumental), and "Sepulchral Oath.". Expect soon its review in Sinful Obscurity
- Cryptopsy vocalist Mike Disalvo as departed from the band alleging personal problems, a successor has already been found, but the band hasn't said yet who he is, preparing, maybe, a big surprise.

- Darkthrone has resigned with Mooonfog, this time we can say that it is a lifetime deal. Their new album, "Plaguewielder", is finally available.
- Dødheimsgard are currently prepaaring their new album and will begin to record shortly. 
- Satyricon started the recording of their new album in Denmark in the 15th of August, no date to be released is scheduled yet. They have also singed up with EMI for the distribution of their next album in the Nordic countries. This signature seemed to cause some kind of comments in the Blackmetal scene, so Satyr decided to say something:
"It seems that we are the talk of the town due to the signing with EMI and I feel that it's time to speak to our supporters directly. The deal we have signed is for the Nordic countries and it is not decided yet who will release our new album outside of this territory. There's no drama involved in this(although I know Black Metal people like drama). Satyricon have signed a record contract which is going to provide us with a better recording budget and a stronger machinery behind us. As Satyricon has grown bigger and bigger it has also become increasingly difficult to be the artist and the label manager at the same time. Maybe that is why Monumentum is signed to Moonfog and not Avantgarde, Zyklon and Emperor to Candlelight and not Nocturnal Art and so on. Still though, we will release certain things on Moonfog in the future because it is so important to us to still be a part of the Moonfog family. We started this! Already next year there will be a Satyricon 10 years jubileum album called: "Ten horns, Ten diadems" on Moonfog. We'll see, but I think our deal with EMI is a good step for Black Metal. It was certainly a good step for Heavy Metal when they started working with Iron Maiden(which they still do). Why can't people listen to us or a band like Morbid Angel(previously on Giant Records in U.S.A) instead of Limp Bizkit and Korn? Let Darkness prevail, not rap metal. There's always going to be a portion of envy, alienating and jealousy in cases like this but we can't think about this. We have to continue to record our darkest and heaviest album to this date. Enough said."

Avantgarde Music:
- It is available a special edition of > Diabolical Masquerade "Death's Design" with a completely different cover layout.

Nocturnal Art:
- Limbonic Art are prepariing the material for their new album scheduled to be released in the Autumn of this year (2001)

Nuclear Blast:
- The Portuguese Blackmetal band Siriuus that was previous connected with Nocturnal Art have recently signed with Nuclear Blast. This was not the only change in Sirius, their vokills Gornoth left the band, in a friendly way, and was replaced by Glaurung DragonVomit from the also Lusitanian band The Firstborn.
- Immortal's new effort "Sons of thhe Northern Darkness" is finally recorded (within the more-than-seen The Abyss Studios) and will be available on the 4th of February 2002. The Sinful Obscurity crew truly hopes a release without the "typical swedish sonority". 

Metal Blade:
- The Crown have started tthe pre-production of "Crowned in Terror", their latest effort. They will enter Studio Mega to record in the 5th of October and in the 12th of December they will enter Studio Fredman to mix the album. Some advanced song titles are: "Drugged Unholy", "Crowned In Terror", "Under The Whip" and "(I Am) Hell". This album is schedule to be released in February of 2002.

No Fashion:
- The new Dark Funeral albbum named "Diabolis Interium" is finally available. You can check out the it's review here.
- The debut mini-cd from Wolfen Society will be available soon. Wolfen Society is a project featuring Lord Ahriman (Dark Funeral), Vincent Crowley (Acheron), Kyle Severn (Incantation), Thomas Thorn & Ricktor Ravensbruck (The Electric Hellfire Club).

No Colours:
- Nargaroth have recorded over thaan 20 songs which will be used to release "Rasluka Part I" (Sombre Records) "Rasluka Part II" (No Colours), "Semper Fidelis" (No Colours) and an album called "Geliebte des Regens" that was not in the plans of the label, neither the band! About this surprising album Kanwulf says that "it's the best I've ever done".
- After playing in the "Under the Black Suun Festival" in this summer, Akhenaten decided that Judas Iscariot will no longer play live, the reasons are still unknown to me.

03/08/2001 - After some problems with geocities, the website is finally online. The metal scene was embraced by Sinful Obscurity.