Grave Yard
1st Tracs Marines on patrol in grave yard South of Cua Viet in 1968. Photo furnished by Curt Roche.

Wash Rack
Curt Roche sitting on wash rack at Cua Viet. How 6's in Back-ground, Charlie Co. 1968. Curt Roche photo.

Filling Sandbags
1st Tracs Bn Supply men, Renfro, Carter and Sgt Winburn filling sandbags. A never ending job at Cua Viet. Curt Roche Photo.

Cua Viet Ammo Dump, POL, and dock going up from a hit from enemy fire in 1968. Curt Roche photo.

Unknown Marine
Here we have another unknown Marine at Cau Viet in 1968. Curt Roche photo.