Hair Cut Time
Here we have Paul Lowe and Cpl. Weigle. Weigle is giving Paul his hair cut. Something we tried to avoid like the plague. Do not remember Weigles first name as it was always Cpl to me. Paul lives in West Virgina and Weigle's location is unknown. Anyone having information about his location or first name please contact the Webmaster.

The Driver
Here we have Vern Bjugstad in a position he did not get to enjoy very much. The drivers seat. Vern was usually behind the 30 cal.

Gun Mount
This is the typical way that we mounted our Machine Guns on the turrets of our Amtracs with sand bags for support and cover. The antennas you can see are where we flew our flags.

The Beach
This beach scene was all to familiar to the Amtrac Platoon as we made lots of landings. Notice how clean this beach is compared to the ones here in the states.

Tool Box
To keep from getting bored and to make the interiors of our Amtracs more appealing we had photos hanging on the doors to the tool box in our Trac. This one even has a short timers calender on it.