Engine Room
It took a huge engine to power our Amtracs. This photo of the engine room shows the 1750 cubic inch engine. The drive shafts you can see in the photo powered the fans to keep the radiators cool while the trac was on land. These were turned off before entering the water.

Slack Time
Here we have Wilson cleaning his rifle. In the background you can see Vern Bjugstead. I think the Marine that is sitting is Hargett but can not remember his first name.

Machine Gun Cleaning
This is the way we cleaned our Machine Guns. We took some gasoline and layed the pieces out on the ramps and than cleaned them with gas. Not to safe maybe but it got the job done.

The Bridge Ramp
This scene here shows our Tracs lined up in a row at the Bridge Ramp with the ramps down. They made a great picnic table when held up with a come along instead of lowered all the way to the ground.

Drive Sprocket
The sprockets would become worn and you had to change them. To do this you had to break the track and remove the sprocket. This is what these Marines are doing to this trac.