Hard Times
The Crew of this trac have a lot of work ahead of them. Not a lot of fun to have to repair track in this kind of mud.

DJ Miller and Gary Wilson
DJ Miller just giving Gary Wilson a little lift. DJ was big and he went on to become a Police Officer in a small little town in Michigan. Wilson is still one of our missing brothers.

Foisy, Freeman, Schmidht
This is a nice and relaxed group. Danny Foisy our Platoon private. He was the Platoon Fonz. Then we have Dave Freeman Crew Chief of B-48. Pat Schmidht was another Crew Chief but memory fails me as to which trac he was assigned.

This is Dave McColgan relaxing in his bunk on board the ship. He was always good for a laugh or two.

Fire Power
Part of a reinforced landing team were these Ontos. Neat little critters with 6 of these 106's on them. Lots of fire power in a small package