Here we have Platoon member Mike Kellers aboard the USS Cleveland sometime around February of 1968. Photo by Mike Kellers.

Living Like Kings
The hutch that was the Platoon home in the middle of 1967. Ray Stonecalf JR (foreground) Larry Boll in the (background). Thanks for the photo Mike.

Ramp At Cua Viet
This photo here shows the ramp at Cua Viet after getting hit with a rocket. Must have had some ammo on the ramp at the time. Believe this was early March of 1968. Photo by Mike Kellers.

Score One For Charley
More evidence of the incoming that pounded Cau Viet. These tracs were hit with rockets. Photo by Mike Kellers.

Tank Deck
Another photo from Mike Kellers of our tracs on the tank deck inside of the USS Cleveland in January of 1968.Two of the Marine on top are Roger Thompson and Charles Duel both KIA in March 1968.