Steven Joel Foster
Better known to Platoon Members as "Joe The Tech" He was wounded on July 31,1968 at Cua Viet. He died of his wounds in Japan on August 24,1968.

Joe Foster
Outside Bunker
Cua Viet
South Vietnam

Jerry Davis, Mark Jones,
and John Seebode

John was KIA May 25, 1968 shortly after this photo was taken, Jerry Davis was killed in Auto accident in 1983. Mark Jones died of Cancer in April 2000.

Tom Williams and Steve Greene
Aboard the USS Debuque
Singapore Bound
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Alpha 18 - 1968
This was the second of 3 amtracs to carry this number in the field it was destroyed by a mine shortly after this picture was taken. The first one to carry this number would have been Bravo 48 but was changed over to Alpha 18 in July of 68 when the platoon was transfered from 1st Amtracs to 5th Amtracs.
Da Nang, South Vietnam