Winning Hearts and Minds
Here we have LaVon Robinson and Boles sharing a few moments with some children at the Bridge Ramp in Da Nang. The children visited every day in Da Nang. Photograph compliments of LaVon Robinson.

Swim Call
Here is one of our Platoon tracs in a partially filled welldeck of the LPD. The Platoon members must have been enjoying the cool water. Photograph provided by LaVon Robinson.

Angel of Soul
The Angel of Soul was another of the Nose Art painted on the side of our tracs. Here we have LaVon Robinson just goofing off. Photograph provided by LaVon Robinson.

Here We Go Again
Another photo provided by LaVon Robinson. One of the Platoon tracs headed to the beach. Note the 55 gallon drums of oil tied on top. We carried these barrels everywhere.

Ray Robles, Tony Hernandez, and Boles
Another reason why we were called Amgrunts. Here we have Robles, Boles, and Hernandez manning a fox hole. Note the 30 cal Machine Gun. This was the TO weapon for our Amtracs. We also had 2 50 caliber Machine Guns we borrowed from the Army. Thanks LaVon for another fine photograph.