Liberty Call Singapore
Ray and LaVon seeing the sights on liberty in Singapore. Photograph provided by Lavon Robinson

Painting Time
Another photo provided by LaVon Robinson. Ray Robles caught in a very rare moment indeed. He probably traded a case of C's to get the paint he is using on the inside of his Trac. Photograph Compliments of LaVon Robinson.

IN The Bush
Another photo provided by LaVon Robinson. Looks like LaVon calling in air support but I doubt it. Probably just ordering up a pizza. Note the 30 cal in the position.

Cau Viet
Another photo provided by LaVon Robinson. Here we have LaVon standing on the hot sand at Cau Viet home of the 1st Amtrac Battalion

LaVon Robinson
LaVon standing along side another of our Amtracs with a very special nose art. You can tell what these young Marines far from home thought about. Photo provided by LaVon Robinson.



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