J.P. Robinson
This photo was taken of JP at the bridge ramp in Da Nang. Rumor has it that JP was killed near Ft Knox, Kentucky shortly after returning home from Vietnam.

USS Debuque LPD 8
USS Debuque the home of the Amtrac Platoon while on the ship. This is one of 4 LPD's the Platoon made its home on while embarked on ship. They always locked up the ice machines just before we made a landing.

J.P. Robinson
Life aboard ship could be boring and tired you out. Here JP is sleeping and dreaming of the new GTO he would buy when he returned home to the Blue Grasses of Kentucky.

USS Iwo Jima
Home to many grunts of our BLT was the USS Iwo Jima. This is the ship that was used to recover Apollo 13.

The Mauler
Here we have Ron Coleman standing along side his trac nicknamed the Mauler. It was amazing the baby fat that Ron held while living on C-Rations.