Mike Kellers
Mike Kellers with a lender from the "Foisy" toy collection. If supply could not supply it "Foisy" could. This photo was taken in December of 1967. Photo provide by Mike Kellers.

Papa Sung
Another member known by his nickname Here he is in our tent Phu AnAn Island in April 1967. Thanks for the photo Mike.

A Boy And His Toy
Here we have Dan Foisy with one of his many toys. This was around August of 1967 just before the Platoon was changed to 4th Platoon from 1st and joined 2/4. Photo provide by Mike Kellers.

Before Their Was The Matty Matels
Mike alongside of his trac at Cua Viet. Probably between March and April of 1967. Note the M14 by his side. Photo provide by Mike Kellers.

Mike Kellers
Another photo from Mike Kellers. Here we have Mike on the perimeter of Cau Viet. Probably in January of 1968.