Bath Time
Many a Vietnam Veteran is familiar with this form of bath. It was not very often that you got a chance to take a bath while in the bush. Showers were a good memory. So this Platoon Member is washing his clothes and himself at the same time. Photo by Doug Frisby

Liberty Call
After arriving in Subic the Platoon was told no liberty the first night. But one small problem, they had already handed out liberty cards. Here is the Platoon heading out for the liberty that wasn't. Photo Compliments of Doug Frisby

Platoon In Assault
Here we have the Platoon in assault mode. Crossing the Cau Viet River. You can see all of the sand bags and everyone on top of the trac. Picture taken from the book US Marines in Vietnam 1968 the Defining Years.

Short Track
This trac had to be short tracked. This is what happens when the idler wheel has to be removed and the trac operated without the wheel. This one had broken welds on the wheel while at Con Thien. Photo by Doug Frisby.

Broken Camera
Roger has just taken Doug's picture and he looks at the camera in amazement, that it is not broken. Photo by Doug Frisby. A very special Thank You to Sheila Frisby for all her hard work scanning the pictures for Doug.