Liberty Call At Subic Bay
Everett Davis, Ray Jackson, and Doug Frisby taking a little break from the War in Subic Bay. Everett Davis was Killed in Action on March 13, 1968. The same day that Tom Williams joined the Platoon. Photo by Doug Frisby

On Patrol
Lots of sand and sand dunes in the Cua Viet area where this Platoon Trac is on patrol. Photo Compliments of Doug Frisby

Vietnamese Hooch
These Vietnamese Hooch's found in the area around Cua Viet were put under the Zippo. Photo provided by Doug Frisby.

Captured Enemy
Another good view of the area the Amtrac Platoon operated in. These Platoon members are leading some Vietnamese prisoners. Photo by Doug Frisby.

Purple Heart
This photo was taken aboard the USS Sanctuary 21 days after Doug Frisby was wounded the second time. Gen. Keller is presenting Doug with his second Purple Heart. Photo by Doug Frisby.