Another Trail
Just another trail the platoon humped down. Photo provide by Mike Kellers.

Treat Time
Always had kids hanging around waiting for a treat. Here Mike Kellers is handing them a John Wayne Disc. Imagine how hot this white sand would get in the summer months. Thanks for the photo Mike.

Another Patrol
Another Patrol the Platoon was on in mid 1967 some place North of Cua Viet. Photo provide by Mike Kellers.

Another Platoon Corpsmen
This Corpsmen was with the Platoon in Phu Bai around April of 1967. Of course no one knew his name other than Doc. Photo provide by Mike Kellers.

Pungi Sticks
Another photo from Mike Kellers. 1st Lt Craig Noke holds a pungi trap found by the Platoon. The other Platoon Members are unknown. This photo was taken somewhere North East of Cua Viet around August or September of 1967.