Tracs At Rest
Here we have a top view of what our compound looked like in Da Nang. Note the flags flying from some of the tracs. Photograph compliments of LaVon Robinson

John Wayne Robinson
Here we have Robinson thinking he is John Wayne with two riffles and K Bar knife stuck in his mouth for good measure. Probably just returned from the local skivvy house. Thanks for the photo Lavon

USS Iwo Jima
Note how small this LST next to the Iwo looks, as they cruise into Subic Bay or maybe it is Da Nang harbor. Photograph provided LaVon Robinson

Tony Hernandez and LaVon Robinson
Another photo provided by LaVon Robinson. Looks like LaVon telling Tony something really serious. Like maybe he has fire watch that night.

Joe DeLeon
Joe DeLeon waiting for a challenger to a game. He could be counted on to stack the deck. Thanks LaVon for another fine photograph.