Larry Alexander
Larry served 18 months in the Platoon and painted many of the pictures on the sides of our Amtracs. When this photo was first placed here we had not heard from Larry since December of 1969. But I am glad to say that Larry has now been located for further information contact the Webmaster.

USO Lady
Here we have one of the few USO entertainers the Platoon saw while serving in Nam. Many of us would have gladly traded a crewman or two to have her on our crew.

Welcome aboard
One of the Platoon's Amtrac being recovered aboard the LPD

Sam Epperson and Mike Graf
Sam Epperson joined the Platoon as a Sgt. His father Herb supplied us with beer and steak whenever we arrived in Da Nang. Mike Graf was one of many platoon members to have been wounded while serving with the Platoon.

Platoon On Patrol
This is a picture of the Platoon in an armored column just a little North of Da Nang