Iron Coffin
This photo of the E1 Amtrac was taken on the beach just after making a landing. This trac later blew up with two line charges aboard killing all seven Marines riding on top

Platoon Artist
One of 2 Platoon Members who had the talent to paint the Nose Art found on our Platoon tracs.

Ron Coleman and Mike Cook
These Indiana boys were hard to keep apart. Guess they dreamed of those cornfields back home in Indy. Drove Amtracs like they were in the Indy 500

This is another photo of the Executioner. This was taken in September of 1969 on Barrier Island. It is easy to see why no one rode inside during operations in Vietnam. This Amtrac burned for 3 days. The good news is no one was injured when the mine destroyed this trac

Ron Coleman
Here we have Ron standing at the Bridge Ramp in Da Nang drinking his favorite brew. Where Ron is standing is now a Vietnamese Village