Con Thien
While at Con Thien incoming was a way of life. Here we have one of the Platoon tracs with outgoing in the back ground. That is close for outgoing. Photo by Doug Frisby.

Score One For Mr Charles
This trac here is from the 1st Amtrac Battalion. Not much left to salvage after hitting a mine. Photo by Doug Frisby.

Amgrunt Feet
These are the feet of an Amgrunt. Does anyone know who is at the other end of the feet or who the other Platoon Member is? Photo by Doug Frisby

Doug Frisby is showing us his favorite past time. Feeding his face. Note the wall paper in the background. Photo taken some where near the DMZ. Photo by Doug Frisby.

Jungle Trail
Amgrunts of the Platoon going down this jungle tail were ambushed about 15 minutes after this photo was taken. It pissed them off so when they found a village of VC they took out their revenge. Photo provided by Doug Frisby.