Mike Cook and Ron Coleman
Mike Cook and Ron Coleman in front of Chopper. Both Indiana boys. For further information about Ron or Mike contact the Webmaster

Many of the Platoon's tracs were given names and had nose art painted on them. This photo here is of the Executioner taken in Da Nang

Oh For The Comforts Of Home
Here we have LCpl Wilson wishing he had the daily paper or a good book and a little bit of privacy. But when you have to go you just have to go.
Those little pieces of c-ration TP.

LCpl Moore
Here we have Danny Moore. He served as a crewman on the 18 trac for his whole tour. His last known location was Baltimore Maryland.
If you have information on Danny's present location please contact the Webmaster.

Driver Seat
This is the drivers seat in one of the Platoon Tracs. Note the stick used to steer with. This was not the best seat in the house if you hit a mine.