Taxi Anyone?
The scariest ride I had was to fly off of the LPH on board one of these choppers. Once the shake and rattle stopped and we were in the air I loved it.

Rare Site
We did not very often have choppers that stayed on board the LPD. This one was on the ship as we were on a mission to Vinh, North Vietnam. We traveled north to let some POW's loose as either a good will gesture or a Prisoner exchange. Never saw or heard of any of our POW's being released at the time.

Berrier Island
Here we have a chopper that took a round in the engine shortly after we landed on Berrier Island. They made repairs and went back out to the ship.

This is Taxi service aboard the LPD coming to pick up some Grunts and take them back out in the bush. The chopper pilots who flew in Vietnam earned the respect of all who came in contact with them. They done one hell of an outstanding job.

Home To Our Squadron
The prettiest ships in the Navy was the LPH's and the Aircraft Carrier. Although the Battleships were really neat. This is another photo of the Iwo Jima home to our chopper squadron.