Let's Hit It
Believed to be Terry Williams (left) KIA, Center Danny Foisy, Right Bill Doring and the rest are unknown. Getting ready to make another landing. Photo by Mike Kellers.

Another Ville
This Ville was near Phu Bai in 1967. Thanks for the photo Mike.

Wash Day
There were no laundry facilities at Cau Viet. Here we have Mike Kellers washing his clothes on the beach in Dec 1967. Photo by Mike Kellers.

Al "Cleaver" or "Kleaver" and Chuck Long
Chuck is the short Marine and Al is the tall one. Al was wounded near Cau Viet in late 67 and lost a leg. Photo by Mike Kellers.

Sullivan and Pig Pen
Another photo from Mike Kellers. Sullivan on the left and Piggy on the right. Can not remember Sullivan's first name everyone just called him Sully.