Cua Viet
In 1967 and 1968 Cua Viet was a hazzardous place to be. You can tell by all the sandbags behind Doug Frisby that they got hit on a regular basis by some heavy incoming. Photo by Doug Frisby

Pappy Joe
This photo here is of one of the Platoon Members called Pappy Joe. Does any one know where he is today or what his real name was? Photo Compliments of Doug Frisby

Sgt. Ray Jackson and Doug Frisby
This photo was taken in 1967 of Ray and Doug at Cua Viet. Photo provided by Doug Frisby.

Amtrac In Trouble
The one trac in this photo has busted a track in the mud of Con Thien. The other one is there to help the crew repair it. Photo by Doug Frisby.

Officers Shower
The Officers at Cua Viet enjoyed this nice shower. The enlisted men had to use the river or the ocean to get clean in. Photo by Doug Frisby.