LaVon Robinson pointing out the damaged side of this Amtrac that hit a mine on July 31,1969. This mine injured D. J. Miller and Vern Bjugstad the last platoon members to be wounded from the platoon before it was disbanded. Photograph compliments of LaVon Robinson.

Fearless Foursome
Here we have a group that shared the same trac. LaVon Robinson, Boles, Ray Robles, and Tony Hernandez. The where abouts of all except Robinson is unknown. Any one having information about them please contact the Webmaster. Photograph provided by LaVon Robinson.

Platoon Clown
The Platoon clown was Ron Coleman, as shown in this photo putting on another of his acts. Photograph provide Lavon Robinson.

Boles and Tony Hernandez
Another photo provide by LaVon Robinson. Boles and Hernandez aboard the USS Debuque.

Canadian Honors
The Platoon was colorful when we made our landings or were on the move in country. Here we have LaVon displaying the Canadian Flag flown from his track at the Bridge Ramp in Da Nang. Thank you Robby for sharing this photo with us.