Con Thien
Amtracers helped with hundreds of medivacs during their tours of duty. First on the left is Brad Clark and the third on the left is Bill Doreing. Picture copied from the book "War Without Heros" by David Douglas Dunkan.

Lost Navy Corpsman
The Navy Corpsmen in this photo was responsible for working on Keith Marko when he was wounded. Keith does not know the Corpsmens name but would like to thank him. Anyone knowing who this Corpsmen was please contact the Webmaster.

SSgt Lee Barta
This tough Marine SSgt spent more time in the hospital recovering from wounds than he spent with the Platoon. Two or three Purple Hearts. Photo provided by Lee Barta.

Just Out On A Sunday Cruise
Bravo 47 in Da Nang harbor with one of the hospital ships in the background. Photo provided by Lee Barta.

Prepare For Rainy Weather
Rain gear was especially nice to have. Here we have SSgt Barta and Lee Jackson putting it to good use in Subic Bay. Photo provided by Lee Barta.