Day Patrol
1st Tracs 2nd Plt. Right to left we have LCpl Rix and LCpl Sutton the others are unknown. Photo furnished by Michael Rix

At Cua Viet
2nd Plt area left to right Pfc Cunningham, LCpl Gillus and PfC Mercle. Mike Rix photo.

Dai Do
On patrol at Dai Do we have LCpl Rix standing and PFC Smith sitting. Mike Rix Photo.

Night Patrol
Ready for night patrol we have Lt Vansentin and LCpl Rix. The Olga was the LT's girlfriend. Photo taken in 1969 at Mai Loc. Mike Rix photo.

Camp Big John
Bunker used by Mike Rix at Camp Big John. When I was there it was Known as Mai Zai Tai and was later changed to Camp Big John after Big John was killed during the Battle of Dai Do. Mike Rix photo.