Charles Streck and Lee Barta
Charles and Lee by a big ant hill near Cau Viet 1967. Charles Streck photo.

Sand And More Sand
We were never lacking for sand to fill sand bags with at Cua Viet. Charles Steck photo.

Typical Picture
This photo is typical of the terrain around Cua Viet. Charles Streck photo.

Not A Good Day
Mines were a problem in the Cua Viet AO as evidenced by this photo of Bravo 49 in 1967. It also hit a mine in 1968. Charles Streck photo.

Bravo 42 hit a mine in 1967. Photo by Charles Streck

Another Mine
The original B47 also hit a mine with the number one roadwheel and torsion bar blown off. Charles Streck photo.

Here you can see the roadwheel and torsion bar assembly after the mine blew it off. Photo by Charles Steck