Unknown Amtracer
If you can place a name of this Marine at Cau Viet in 1968 please let us know. Photo furnished by Curt Roche.

Never Enough
Here we have Meyers,Roche,Harmon,Merrick and Pappy filling sandbags. With the 152's that hit a Cua Viet we never had enough sand bags filled. Curt Roche photo.

Quality Control Check
Looks like Vasquez is doing a Quality Control check on these sand bags at 1st Tracs Cau Viet in 1968. Curt Roche Photo.

Cua Viet 1968
Merrick, ?, and Dan from Philly. Curt Roche photo.

Short Timers Dance
Here we have Meyers doing a short timers dance. Curt Roche photo.