Biographical and Service Information for the Men of the 39th Kentucky Mounted Infantry


Below you will find biographical information for some of the veterans of the 39th Kentucky Mounted Infantry. For some of the men, the biographical information is rather substantial. For others there may only be some very brief post-war information. We have some sources on hand that will permit some new biographies, but those are still under construction or consideration. Some information that we have on hand is downright unflattering and, for that reason, we shall probably not include that material here on the website. We'll save that for the book! Please be patient. We are adding new material on a daily basis. Check back with us after a while and you'll see some very significant changes. If you have any information or photographs you would like us to add to the website, please feel free to share them with us. You will retain the ownership rights to your materials; all we ask is permission to share what you may have with others via this website. We are dedicated to preserving and disseminating the history of this very interesting regiment and appreciate any help we receive in promoting that goal.

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Colonel John Dils, Jr.
Colonel David A. Mims X
Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen Meek Ferguson X
Major John B. Auxier
Captain Harrison Ford, Co. K
Captain William Ford, Co. B
Captain William King, Co. H
1st Lieutenant Richard Coleman, Co. H X
Adjutant Levi J. Hampton
1st Lieutenant Dillard Parsons, Co. E
1st Lieutenant John B. VanHoose, Co. G
2nd Lieutenant Addison D. Miller, Co. G
2nd Lieutenant James H. Stump, Co. H
2nd Lieutenant James M. Thornsbury, Co. H
2nd Lieutenant William Weddington, Co. D
Assistant Surgeon Hamilton Swetnam
Sergeant Felix T. Begley, Co. F
Sergeant Albert J. Breeding, Co. H
Sergeant Curtis Coleman, Co. D
Sergeant Elexious Coleman, Co. H
Sergeant Joseph Coleman, Co. H
Sergeant William Coleman, Co. H
Sergeant Hiram M. Daugherty, Co. H X
Sergeant Joseph B. Dempsey, Co. E
Sergeant William R. Dotson, Co. H
Sergeant Richard Elswick, Co. I X
Sergeant John H. Gates, Co. I
Sergeant Johnson Hatfield, Co. E
Sergeant John D. Hickman, Co. E X
Sergeant John W. Hickman, Co. G X
Sergeant Elijah H. Judd, Co. D X
Sergeant Allen H. Miller, Co. G
Sergeant William Osborne, Co. F
Sergeant James M. Welch, Co. A
Sergeant William H. Williams, Co. H
Corporal Alexander Baldwin, Co. B
Corporal John G. Bogar, Co. C X
Corporal John Charles, Co. H
Corporal Fleming Clay, Co. G
Corporal Daniel B. Coleman, Co. H
Corporal James H. Dingus, Co. F X
Corporal John Estep, Co. H
Corporal Decauter Maynard, Co. C
Corporal William McGuire, Co. C
Corporal John Stapleton, Co. G
Private Joshua Adams, Co. A
Private Henry Adkins, Co. I
Private Jessee Adkins, Co. I
Private James M. Akers, Co. B
Private William Akers, Co. A
Private David Anderson, Jr., Co. E
Private Andrew Baker, Co. H
Private Freeling H. Baker, Co. H
Private Thomas Vester Baker, Co. D
Private William Preston Baker, Co. D
Private Andrew Jackson Baldridge, Co. A
Private John Baldridge, Company A
Private Thomas Baldridge, Company A
Private Jarvey Baldwin, Co. B
Private George M. D. Bevins, Co. E
Private Peyton Blackburn, Jr., Co. E
Private Enoch Bolen, Co. F
Private Rice Bolen, Co. F
Private James S. Bowe, Co. A
Private Anderson Boyd, Co. G
Private George T. Burgess, Co. G
Private Moses Burke, Co. B
Private Joshua Z. Cassell (Castle), Co. E
Private Amos Castle, Co. G
Private Benjamin Castle, Co. G
Private Daniel Castle, Co. G
Private Joseph Castle, Co. C
Private Madison Castle, Co. G
Private Marion Castle, Co. G
Private George W. Charles, Co. I
Private Alexander Childers, Co. I
Private Lewis Christian, Co. A
Private Jacob Cline, Co. I
Private Peter Cline, Co. H
Private Daniel Coleman, Co. D
Private Isaac Coleman, Co. D
Private William F. Compton, Co. K
Private David Daniels, Co. H
Private Thomas J. Daniels, Co. G
Private Adam Davis, Co. I
Private Henry Davis, Co. I
Private Eli R. Dials, Co. A
Private David C. Dingus, Co. F X
Private Reuben Edwards, Co. K
Private Andrew Jackson (A. J.) Elkins, Co. B
Private Elijah Estep, Co. H
Private William Estep, Co. H
Private John Gilliam, Co. B
Private Martin Goff, Co. E
Private William K. Goodman, Co. G
Private Alexander Hall, Co. I
Private David Hall, Co. K
Private Flemming Hall, Cos. I and B
Private Granville Hall, Co. K
Private Harmon Hall, Co. K
Private Hiram Hall, Co. I
Private Marion Hall, Co. B
Private Preston Hall, Co. K
Private Squire Hall, Co. B X
Private William Hall, Co. I
Private William Hall, Co. G
Private George W. Hannah, Co. A
Private Moses Hayton, Co. D
Private David Hill, Co. E
Private Columbus C. Hopkins, Co. C
Private William Hurley, Co. H
Private Francis Isaacs, Co. A
Private Caleb Justice, Co. B
Private George T. Justice, Co. B
Private Jessee Justice, Co. B
Private Peyton Justice, Co. B
Private William Justice, Co. B
Private Christopher C. Keathley, Co. B X
Private Oliver G. Keathley, Co. B X
Private Sympkins Keathley, Co. B X
Private William T. Keathley, Co. B X
Private Franklin King, Jr., Co. H
Private Lewis King, Co. H
Joel D. "Dusty Pants" Long
Private Orrison R. Lowe, Co. E
Private Rainey Luster, Co. H
Private George W. Martin, Co. F
Private Jacob I. McGuire, Co. E
Private James McGuire, Co. E
Private William McGuire, Co. C
Private John Mollett, Co. G
Private Allen Mullins, Co. C
Private Marshall Mullins, Co. C
Private Jacob Nelson, Co. F
Private Robert Newsome, Co. K
Private William Norman, Co. H X
Private William R. (Reilley) Norman, Co. H X
Private John P. Patton, Co. F
Private Alfred Pitts, Co. F
Private Elijah Porter, Co. C
Private Miles Raney (Ramey), Co. D
Private Stephen Reynolds, Co. K
Private William H. Reynolds, Co. K
Private George Riley, Co. B
Private George W. Roberts, Company A
Private William Robinette
Private Thomas W. Rose, Co. K
Private Jefferson Shortridge, Co. D
Private Alfred C. Smith, Co. H
Private Jeremiah Smith, Co. C
Private Fleming Stafford, Company H X
Private John F. Stafford, Company H X
Private Eli Stapleton, Co. G
Private Isaac Stapleton, Co. G
Private Frederick K. Stiltner, Co. I
Private Lemuel Sturgill, Co. K
Private William J. Sword, Co. D
Private William A. Taylor, Co. E
Private Amos Wallace, Company I
Private Solomon Wallace, Company G X
Private Richard Webb, Co. F
Private Sylvester Webb, Co. G
Private Jacob Weddington, Co. A
Private George Wolford, Co. D
Private Daniel Wolford, Co. H/D
Private Castle Wooten, Co. B

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