Party Time
Sam Epperson, Joe Berch, and Herb Epperson, Sam's Dad have a bottle probably furnished by Herb who worked as a civilian in Vietnam. He always found out when we were coming into Danang and had beer and steaks waiting for us. Photo furnished by Sam Epperson.

Big Hurt
Here we have Herb pointing at the eye that Gabby hurt when he fell out of a Jeep. Gabby liked his booze and this time I think he paid for it. Sam Epperson photo.

Heavy Hitters
Gunny Msquida and Sam. Both went onto outstanding tours of duty in the Corps and retired as E9's. Sam Epperson Photo.

Good Photo
Here us a good photo of Sgt Sam with the Gunny. Sam Epperson photo.

Dandy Trio
Here we have Lt Jim Bartee, Sam Epperson and Sgt John Chambers, East of Danang in 1969. Sam Epperson photo.