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THE SITUATION IN AMBON/MOLUCCAS - Report No. 366 (30/04/2003) #5412
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, April 29, 2003
VISIT BY MINISTER OF SOCIAL AFFAIRS -- On April 28-29 Cabinet Minister of Social Affairs Yusuf Kalla paid a visit to Ambon. Among other activities he met the Malino-II delegates to evaluate the results of the by himself initiated reconciliatory meeting in Malino, South Celebes, in February 2002, then resulting in the eleven-point "Moluccas Agreement" on February 12, 2002. He said the conflict was over now indeed. The big problems are now the return of the refugees and the economic recovery of the Moluccas. He said he did not see any obstruction any more to the return of all refugees to their original towns and villages. He insisted that economic recovery of the Moluccas should be carried out mainly by the Moluccans themselves. In this context, on April 29, he officially inaugurated the reopening of the Tonasa Cement Packing Plant at Gudang Arang Ambon, which -- due to the conflict -- was closed down in March 2000, but started functioning again last February.

Situation in Maluku improved: Senior minister (30/04/2003) #5411
The Jakarta Post, 4/29/2003 4:03:21 PM
AMBON, Maluku (JP): The Indonesian government hopes to resettle back in Maluku this year the hundreds of thousands of people displaced in the sectarian conflict in the eastern Indonesian province as the situation is now conducive for their return, a senior minister has said.

US and Britain issue Indonesia travel warnings (30/04/2003) #5410
ABC AUSTRALIA, 29/04/2003 19:38:14
The United States and British Governments have issued renewed warnings to their citizens against visiting Indonesia, after a series of recent bomb attacks.

Aceh rebels stick to independence target (30/04/2003) #5409
ABC AUSTRALIA, 29/04/2003 19:38:13
Separatist rebels in the Indonesian province of Aceh province say they are still willing to hold talks with the Indonesian Government to try to save a peace pact.

Peace versus sovereignty (30/04/2003) #5408
The Jakarta Post, April 29, 2003
Which do we love more, peace or sovereignty?
This question came up when Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono addressed the problem of Aceh last week. The chief security minister reportedly said: "Indonesians love peace, but Indonesians value their sovereignty and territorial integrity even more."

More Jakarta bombings expected (29/04/2003) #5407
ABC AUSTRALIA, 29/04/2003
Defence analysts in Indonesia have warned of more bombings, following the third attack in weeks last Sunday. Security has been stepped up across the country following Sunday's bomb attack at Jakarta's international airport.

Belanda Tidak Dukung RMS (29/04/2003) #5406
KOMPAS, Selasa, 29 April 2003, 5:50 WIB
Scheveningen, Senin. Pemerintah Belanda terus mendukung keutuhan wilayah Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia (NKRI) dan tidak mendukung gerakan Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS).

Seputar Perayaan 25 April 2003 (29/04/2003) #5405
Masariku Network Ambon, Masariku Update, 25 APRIL 2003
Perkembangan yang terjadi di Kota Ambon dan sekitarnya dalam beberapa hari terakhir ini sedikit meningkatkan eskalasi ketegangan di tengah masyarakat. Situasi ini terutama terkait dengan tarik menarik upaya pengibaran bendera RMS oleh berbagai pihak. Meskipun demikian ketegangan yang meningkat ini tak mengurangi intensitas proses interaksi yang telah terbangun diantara masyarakat Kristen dan Islam di Ambon dan sekitarnya. Beberapa spot berita dapat kami rangkum dibawah ini:

38 Pengibar Bendera RMS Resmi Jadi Tersangka (29/04/2003) #5404
SINAR HARAPAN, Senin, 28 April 2003
Ambon, Sinar Harapan. Sebanyak 38 warga Desa Aboru, Kecamatan Pulau Haruku, Kabupaten Maluku Tengah ditetapkan sebagai tersangka setelah mengibarkan bendera Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) di desa tersebut. "Penetapan tersangka ini dilakukan menyusul pemeriksaan yang dilakukan terhadap 44 warga Desa Aboru yang berhasil dibawa oleh penyidik Polda Maluku pada Sabtu (26/4) malam," jelas Kapolda Maluku Brigjen Bambang Sutrisno kepada SH, di Mapolda Maluku, Senin (28/4).

Moluccas: Difficult Reconciliation In Kasui (29/04/2003) #5403
MISNA - Missionary Service News Agency, 28/4/2003 11:46
Church/Religious Affairs, Standard. One may remember the Islamisation that -- starting towards the end of November 2000 -- took place on Kasui, a small island South-East of Seram island, involving some 800 Christians.

Australian experts help police investigating bombings (29/04/2003) #5402
The Jakarta Post, 4/28/2003 12:26:52 PM
SYDNEY, (Agrncies): Australian bomb experts are in Indonesia investigating recent terrorist attacks in Jakarta, Federal Police commissioner Mick Keelty said on Monday.

Indonesia steps up travel security (29/04/2003) #5401
ABC AUSTRALIA, 28/04/2003 19:12:03
Indonesian police have tightened security at airports and seaports after a bombing at Jakarta's international airport Sunday, which injured 11 people.

Flags Fly in Maluku (29/04/2003) #5400
LAKSAMANA.Net, April 27, 2003
Already beset by attempts to split off the country's outermost provinces, Aceh and Papua, the government received an extra shock on April 25 when more than 200 separatist flags were flown in South Maluku.

Blast rocks Jakarta's airport (28/04/2003) #5399
The Jakarta Post, April 28, 2003
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. In less than a week, the second bomb attack hit the capital with a blast at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on Sunday morning, injuring 11 people, including a family of three.

Maluku remains calm following RMS anniversary (28/04/2003) #5398
The Jakarta Post, April 27, 2003
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. The situation in Maluku is calm following the separatist South Maluku Republic (RMS)'s 53rd anniversary on Friday, which saw the arrest of more than 300 supporters of the outlawed group.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON/MOLUCCAS - Report No. 365 (28/04/2003) #5397
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, April 26, 2003
ABUNDANCE OF RMS FLAGS – Notwithstanding stern warnings by the government, an unprecedented large number of RMS flags was hoisted on the eve and during the night of April 25, the 53rd commemoration of the founding of the RMS (Republik Maluku Selatan / Movement for South Moluccas Independence), both in the city of Ambon and in various villages and nearby islands. The total number may be close to two hundred. Several hundred people were arrested. From the village of Aboru, island of Haruku, more than a hundred people were detained and transferred to Ambon to be interrogated on their connection with the FKM (Front Kedaulatan Maluku), which promotes the RMS ideals.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON/MOLUCCAS - Report No. 364 (28/04/2003) #5396
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, April 25, 2003
THE KASUI CASE – One may remember the islamisation that – starting towards the end of November 2000 (Report 96 sqq., 132) – took place on Kasui, a small island South-East of Seram island, involving some 800 Christians. Their forced islamisation became world news then. Last February, a JRS team (JRS = Jesuit Refugee Service), stationed in Ambon, went there to see whether the situation could be considered safe enough for the Christians – most of whom now live as refugees spread over a number of villages on the island of Kei Kecil – to return to their homesteads at Kasui (Report 354).

Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 125 (28/04/2003) #5395
18 April - 25 April 2003
MALUKU * Ambon Ekspress quoted the Deputy Chief of Police of Maluku (Wakapolda), Kombes Polisi Drs. A. Bambang Suedi, on Thursday (24 Apr.), saying that in anticipation of the 25 April RMS Anniversary, Maluku Police office (Polda) would deploy 400 police personnel in Ambon city to maintain the security. He also said that in the suspected RMS bases of Kudamati and Aboru suburban areas, more police personnel would be deployed to increase the security.
NORTH MALUKU * A local newspaper, Mimbar Kieraha, quoted the head of the provincial Social Agency (Dinas Sosial or Dinsos), Moh. Helmy Rais, on Friday (25 Apr.), saying that his office did not distribute the money for life support and life safety to 50% of 799 families (3,801 people), who are the recent Galela returnees. The reason is that those people have been returned by the Government and received rice assistance from Zipur-05 (TNI). They registered twice in order to get the money.

60 arrested to suppress RMS anniversary celebration (28/04/2003) #5394
The Jakarta Post, April 25, 2003
JAKARTA (JP): Indonesian troops and police have arrested about 60 people to quell attempts to mark a separatist anniversary on Friday in the eastern Maluku islands.

Indonesian troops suppress separatist celebration (28/04/2003) #5393
ABC AUSTRALIA, 25/04/2003 19:43:21
Indonesian troops and police have arrested about 60 people to quell attempts to mark a separatist anniversary in the eastern Maluku islands.

Kibarkan Bendera, 334 Pendukung RMS Ditahan (28/04/2003) #5392
DetikCom, Rabu, Jumat, 25/4/2003
Kontributor : Dino F. Umahuk. detikcom - Ambon, Sebanyak 334 pendukung gerakan separatis Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) yang melakukan pengibaran bendera RMS di wilayah Maluku ditahan aparat keamanan. Mereka menaikkan bendera tersebut untuk memperingati HUT Kemerdekaan RMS ke-53 yang jatuh hari ini, 25 April 2003. Para pengibar itu berasal dari berbagai daerah di Maluku.

Polda Maluku Periksa Kebenaran Pengibaran Bendera RMS (28/04/2003) #5391
KOMPAS, Jumat, 25 April 2003, 11:06 WIB
Ambon, Jumat. Ilustrasi KCM. Polda Maluku masih mengecek kebenaran berita yang menyatakan ada sekitar 200 buah bendera gerakan separatis Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) yang dikibarkan di Desa Aboru, Kecamatan Haruku, Maluku Tengah.

Penangkapan Di Maluku Berkaitan HUT RMS (28/04/2003) #5390
Hilversum, Jumat 25 April 2003 14:50 UTC
Militer dan tentara menahan sekitar 60-an orang yang merayakan hari ulang tahun Republik Maluku Selatan RMS yang ke-53. Mereka yang ditahan kebanyakan mengibarkan bendera RMS di daerah pegunungan di luarkota Ambon. Ada pula yang mengibarkan bendera RMS di pohon-pohon.

Lagi, 39 Anggota RMS Dibekuk (28/04/2003) #5389, 25/04/03 19:47 WIB, Ambon: Penangkapan anggota gerakan separatis Republik Maluku Selatan kembali terjadi. Dalam dua hari terakhir, jajaran Kepolisian Resor Ambon telah menangkap 39 orang di sejumlah tempat yang berbeda. Di Desa Alang, Ambon, polisi membekuk 16 orang, Kamis kemarin. Sedangkan, Jumat (25/4) dini hari, empat anggota RMS lainnya dibekuk di kawasan Benteng Atas, Ambon dan 19 lainnya dibekuk di Desa Hutumuri, Kecamatan Baboala. Dengan begitu, jumlah keseluruhan anggota RMS yang telah ditahan di Polres Ambon mencapai 60 orang.

Lagi, Sepuluh Anggota RMS Dicokok (28/04/2003) #5388, 25/04/03 19:49 WIB, Ambon: Keseriusan polisi mengatasi aksi kelompok separatis di Tanah Air tampaknya bukan isapan jempol. Khusus di daerah Ambon, Maluku, misalnya. Anggota Kepolisian Resor Ambon kembali menangkap sepuluh orang anggota Republik Maluku Selatan, Kamis (24/4).

Aparat Sita Bendera RMS dan Lakukan Patroli Udara (28/04/2003) #5387
Media Indonesia, Jumat, 25 April 2003
JAKARTA (Media): Polisi dan aparat keamanan TNI telah menyita lima bendera kelompok separatis Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) yang dikibarkan di beberapa tempat di Kota Ambon. Selain menyita bendera RMS, polisi dan TNI terus melancarkan patroli udara guna memantau lokasi-lokasi rawan di daerah itu sehubungan dengan rencana Front Kedaulatan Maluku (FKM) memperingati HUT RMS 25 April.

RMS flags found hoisted in Ambon (28/04/2003) #5386
The Jakarta Post, April 24, 2003
AMBON, Maluku (JP): Police have found five flags of the separatist Republic of South Maluku (RMS) hoisted in different areas here.

"Unsophisticated bom" explodes near UN building (28/04/2003) #5385
The Jakarta Post, April 24, 2003
JAKARTA (Agencies): A bomb exploded early Thursday in Central Jakarta close to the United Nations office building but no one was hurt, Indonesian police confirmed.

Jenis Bom Dekat Kedubes PBB Mirip di Aceh dan Ambon (28/04/2003) #5384
DetikCom, Kamis, 24/4/2003
Reporter : Anindhita Maharrani. detikcom - Jakarta, Ledakan bom yang terjadi di belakang kantor Kedubes PBB Jl Kyai Wahid Hasyim mempunyai bahan dan jenis yang mirip dengan bom yang sering digunakan di daerah konflik, terutama Aceh dan Ambon. “Bom tersebut low explosive, mengandung potasium klorat dan mirip dengan bom yang meledak di sebuah rumah kos di Jalan Cikoko Barat, Pancoran tahun 2002 lalu,” ungkap sumber detikcom seorang perwira menengah di Polda Metro Jaya.

Bendera RMS Tetap Akan Dikibarkan Tanpa Pidato (28/04/2003) #5383
SINAR HARAPAN, Kamis, 24 April 2003
Ambon, Sinar Harapan - Hari Jumat (25/4) esok, bendera Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) tetap akan dikibarkan oleh sebagian masyarakat di Ambon dan sekitarnya, bertepatan dengan HUT ke-53 RMS yang jatuh pada 25 April 2003. Tetapi pada peringatan esok tidak akan ada pidato politik dan tidak ada deklarasi tentang kemerdekaan Maluku, serta tidak akan ada tindakan kekerasan.

Dibantah, Seorang Perwira Polda Maluku Terkait RMS (28/04/2003) #5382
KOMPAS, Kamis, 24 April 2003, 9:57 WIB
Ambon, Kamis - Tidak benar seorang perwira di jajaran Polda Maluku terkait gerakan separatis Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) sehubungan penangkapan sejumlah pendukung organisasi sempalan di kawasan Batugajah, Kecamatan Sirimau (Kodya Ambon), Minggu (19/4) dini hari.

2 Bendera RMS Diturunkan, Sejumlah Jalan Ditutup (28/04/2003) #5381
KOMPAS, Kamis, 24 April 2003, 21:33 WIB
Ambon, Kamis. Dua buah bendera gerakan separatis Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) diamankan di Batugajah, Kecamatan Sirimau dan Kudamati, Kecamatan Nusaniwe (Kodya Ambon), Kamis (24/4) malam, sedangkan sejumlah ruas jalan di ibukota Provinsi Maluku kini ditutup atas prakarsa masyarakat.

Pangdam Pattimura Minta Pemerintah Keluarkan (28/04/2003) #5380
Pernyataan Bekukan FKM/RMS
KOMPAS, Kamis, 24 April 2003, 21:04 WIB
Ambon, Kamis. Pangdam XVI/Pattimura Mayjen TNI Agustadi SP menegaskan akan meminta Pemerintah Pusat mengeluarkan pernyataan tegas melarang atau membekukan organisasi Front Kedaulatan Maluku (FKM) yang terus memperjuangkan eksistensi Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) di Maluku.

Pemberitahuan Tentang Pengibaran Bendera PBB (28/04/2003) #5379
Mendampingi Bendera RMS "BENANG RAJA" Untuk SekJen PBB
FKM News Network, 24 April 2003
Dalam rangka memperingati Hari Ulang Tahun Proklamasi Kemerdekaan ke - 53 Negara Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS), pada 25 April 2003, maka Front Kedaulatan Maluku (FKM) akan melaksanakan Upacara Pengibaran Bendera RMS --BENANG RAJA-- sebagai manifestasi dari perjuangan FKM yang mengandalkan Moral dan Demokrasi.

Surat S.O.S untuk PBB (28/04/2003) #5378
FKM News Network, 24 April 2003
Sehubungan dengan perkembangan situasi keamanan dan keselamatan bangsa Maluku / Alif'uru / Ina, rumpun Melanesia, di Kepulauan Maluku, yang saat ini sedang berjuang untuk menuntut pengembalian Kedaulatan bangsa dan Negaranya yang sudah sangat terancam, maka melalui surat ini kami menyerukan S.O.S.

Tokoh Dan Anggota/Simpatisan FKM Telah Diculik (28/04/2003) #5377
Secara Paksa Oleh TNI Dan Polri
FKM News Network, 23 April 2003
Pada tgl 22 April 2003 pukul 22.30 secara paksa/culik oleh TNI Batalyon Kaveleri 10 Makasar dilakukan penangkapan atas sdr. Rein Nanlohy, dan ditahan di pos kate-kate.

TNI AD Sebar Pengumuman Larangan Kegiatan FKM/RMS (24/04/2003) #5376
KOMPAS, Rabu, 23 April 2003, 11:11 WIB
Ambon, Rabu. TNI AD untuk menyebarkan pengumuman Panglima Komando Operasi Pemulihan Keamanan (Pangkoopslihkam) Maluku dan Maluku Utara tentang larangan Kegiatan Front Kedaulatan Maluku (FKM) yang memperjuangkan kedaulatan Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) di Ambon.

FPI apologizes for 'kidnapping' chief (24/04/2003) #5375
The Jakarta Post, April 24, 2003
JAKARTA: The Islam Defenders' Front (FPI) said they were sorry for "kidnapping" chief Habib Rizieq Shihab from the Jakarta Prosecutor's Office on Monday, saying it was not planned beforehand and was done without the knowledge of his legal team.

No place for separatist movements in RI: Top minister (24/04/2003) #5374
The Jakarta Post, 4/23/2003 6:25:18 PM
JAKARTA (JP): Coordinating Minister for Security and Political Affairs Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono reiterated here on Wednesday that there is no place for separatist movements in the country -- in Aceh, Papua or Maluku.

Murderers praised by Indonesia's top soldier (24/04/2003) #5373
ABC AUSTRALIA, 24/04/2003 08:42:00
The Indonesian Army Chief has described seven Kopassus soldiers convicted of the killing of a Papuan independence leader as heroes.

KSAD: Pembunuh Theys Pahlawan (24/04/2003) #5372
DetikCom, Rabu, 23/4/2003
Reporter : M. Rizal Maslan. detikcom - Jakarta, Meski divonis penjara dan dipecat, para terpidana kasus terbunuhnya Ketua Presidium Dewan Papua (PDP) Theys Hiyo Eluay punya tempat khusus di mata Kepala Staf TNI Angkatan Darat (KSAD) Jenderal Ryamizard Ryacudu. Bagi KSAD, mereka adalah pahlawan.

18 more JI members arrested (24/04/2003) #5371
The Jakarta Post, April 24, 2003
Tiarma Siboro, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. The police reported more progress in their counter-terrorism measures with the arrest of 18 more members of the regional terror network Jamaah Islamiyah (JI), which will provide them with an opportunity to further investigate a series of terror attacks in the past, including the bomb blasts in Bali and Makassar.

Alleged new Jemaah Islamiah head arrested (24/04/2003) #5370
ABC AUSTRALIA, 24/04/2003 05:44:02
Indonesian police say they have arrested a man whom they have identified as the new spiritual leader of the radical Islamic group, Jemaah Islamiah.

18 Jemaah Islamiyah Members Arrested (24/04/2003) #5369
LAKSAMANA.Net, April 23, 2003 11:33 PM
Laksamana.Net - Police have arrested 18 suspected members of the Jemaah Islamiyah regional terrorism network, including the group's new spiritual leader, during a series of raids over the past week. Officers also seized guns and explosives from the militants' hideouts.

Kapolri Akan Menidak Tegas Pelaku Peringatan (24/04/2003) #5368
HUT Proklamasi RMS Dan Pengibar Bendera RMS
FKM News Network, 23 April 2003
Pernyataan Kapolri Jenderal Polisi Dai Bachtiar, yang disiarkan oleh SCTV mengomentari pertanyaan wartawan seputar rencana masyarakat Maluku yang akan mengibarkan bendera RMS "BENANG RAJA" pada HUT Proklamasi RMS tanggal 25 April nanti, Jenderal Polisi pembina Laskar Jihad pimpinan Jafar Umar Thalib ini, mengatakan bahwa polisi akan menindak tegas pelaksana upacara dan pengibar bendera RMS, sesuai hukum yang berlaku di Indonesia.

Sebagian Besar Pengungsi Ambon Masih Telantar (24/04/2003) #5367, 23/04/03 22:30 WIB, Ambon: Para pengungsi di Ambon dan Maluku masih banyak yang bertahan di sejumlah lokasi penampungan. Mereka kebanyakan tersebar di beberapa emperan toko di Batu Merah, A.Y. Paty, Passo, dan Halong. Padahal, pemerintah pusat sudah memberikan dana pembangunan rumah buat para pengungsi tersebut. Demikian hasil pantauan SCTV di Ambon, baru-baru ini.

Aceh peace pact under threat (24/04/2003) #5366
ABC AUSTRALIA, 23/04/2003 22:49:02
The Indonesian government has threatened to pull out of a peace pact with Aceh separatist rebels if talks in Geneva this weekend fail to settle disputes and conditions in the war-torn province worsen.

Abu Bakar Bashir trial (24/04/2003) #5365
ABC AUSTRALIA, 23/04/2003 21:06:54
An angry crowd gathered outside the Jakarta courtroom where the Muslim cleric who's been named as spiritual leader of the terrorist organisation Jemaah Islamiah went on trial today. Despite Abu Bakar Bashir's reputation, none of the charges relate to the Bali bombing. Instead he's been accused of crimes involving the bombing of Christian churches, plans to attack priests and an aborted plot to assassinate President Megawati Sukarnoputri.

After 'great escape', FPI chief now wallows in Salemba jail (23/04/2003) #5364
The Jakarta Post, April 23, 2003
Bambang Nurbianto, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. Supporters of Islam Defender's Front (FPI) chairman Habib Rizieq Shihab mortified the city police and the prosecutors's office on Monday when they managed to whisk away Rizieq from the latter's offices on Jl. Rasuna Said, South Jakarta, under the bewildered gaze of security officers.

Kondisi Terakhir Markas FKM (23/04/2003) #5363
FKM News Network, 22 April 2003
Suasana disekitar markas FKM tenang-tenang saja, sekitar 50 - 100 anggota dan simpatisan FKM ada di sekitar markas FKM, sementara disekitar jalan raya dan lorong PMI kelihatan puluhan aparat TNI berseragam tempur, lengkap dengan helm baja dan rompi, serta menenteng senjata lengkap dan mundar mandir disekitar markas FKM.

Penguasa NKRI (Neo Kolonialis Republik Indonesia) (23/04/2003) #5362
Melakukan Tindakan Ofensif Terhadap Markas FKM Di Kudamati Ambon
FKM News Network, 22 April 2003
Sekitar satu peleton pasukan TNI batalion 743 dibawah pimpinan Letnan dua Chandra, melakukan penyerangan mendadak ke Markas FKM di Kudamati Ambon.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON/MOLUCCAS - Report No. 363 (23/04/2003) #5361
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, April 21, 2003
WEAPONRY CACHE UNCOVERED – In the late afternoon of April 17, a motorcyclist and his duo-passenger were halted in the village of Passo, island of Ambon. They turned out to be in the possession of a homemade bomb. The trail then let to a house in the neighbourhood of Air Mata Cina, city of Ambon. Its owner, La Jumu, apparently could escape timely and thus avoid being arrested. In his house the police found an impressive stock of weaponry.

Situasi terakhir di negeri Aboru; S.O.S. (23/04/2003) #5360
FKM News Network, 21 April 2003
Sehubungan dengan penyampaian kami terdahulu mengenai situasi keamanan di negeri Aboru, maka pada kesempatan ini kami beritahukan bahwa berdasarkan laporan dari Aboru, sebahagian penduduk negeri Aboru yaitu Orang Lanjut Usia, Perempuan dan anak-anak telah mengungsi keluar dari negeri Aboru, kini yang tinggal hanya para pemuda dan laki-laki dewasa.

Diduga Anggota RMS, Dua PNS Terancam Dipecat (23/04/2003) #5359
KOMPAS, Senin, 21 April 2003, 13:29 WIB
Ambon, Senin - Dua orang pegawai di lingkungan Pemkot Ambon, EL dan PR, yang diduga sebagai anggota atau pendukung Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) terancam dipecat.

Polres Pulau Ambon Ciduk Panglima Perang RMS (23/04/2003) #5358
SINAR HARAPAN, Senin, 21 April 2003
Ambon, Sinar Harapan - Personel Polres Pulau Ambon dan Pulau-pulau Lease, Minggu (20/4), menciduk Panglima Perang Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS), John Rea, bersama delapan anak buahnya saat melakukan rapat gelap, Minggu (20/4), di kediamannya yang terletak di Dudun Batubulan, Kelurahan Batu Gajah, Kecamatan Sirimau, Kota Ambon.

Polisi terus kejar pentolan RMS (23/04/2003) #5357
SURYA Online, Senin, 21 April 2003 20:08
Ambon, Surya: Tim Reskrim Polres Ambon terus memburu pentolan gerakan separatis Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS). Kapolres Ambon, AKBP Teguh Budi Prasojo mengaku telah mendapatkan informasi mengenai orang-orang yang menjadi pentolan RMS.

Soldiers given light sentences for killing (23/04/2003) #5356
Papua independence leader
AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Monday April 21, 2003 4:52 PM
Four Indonesian special forces soldiers who killed a Papuan provincial leader while trying to silence his calls for independence were jailed for between 36 and 42 months.

Habib Rizieq Akhirnya Ditahan di Rutan Salemba (23/04/2003) #5355
Media Indonesia, Senin, 21 April 2003 22:38 WIB
JAKARTA--MIOL: Ketua Umum Front Pembela Islam (FPI) Habib Rizieq Shihab, Senin, sempat dibawa kabur oleh ratusan anggota FPI dari Kejaksaan Tinggi DKI Jakarta. Tetapi sore harinya, Rizieq menyerahkan diri dan ditahan di Rutan Salemba.

Negeri Aboru Dikepung Pasukan Gabungan TNI (23/04/2003) #5354
FKM News Network, 18 April 2003
Kepanikan dan ketakutan terus melanda Pemerintah Neo Kolonialis Republik Indonesia ( NKRI ), karena semangat masyarakat anak bangsa Maluku untuk membebaskan diri dari belenggu penjajahannya semakin hari semakin nyata dan momentum memperingati Hari Ulang Tahun Proklamasi Republik Maluku Selatan ke-53, tanggal 25 April 2003, sebagai manifestasi bentuk perjuangan moral tidak dapat dibendung dengan segala cara intimidasi dan propaganda murahan yang terus digelar oleh Aparat negara Neo Kolonialis Republik Indonesia, maupun kaki tangannya yaitu milisi sipil (PAMSWAKARSA) bentukan TNI dan PDSDM (penguasa Darurat Sipil Daerah Maluku).

Suspected RMS rebels arrested in Ambon (21/04/2003) #5353
The Jakarta Post, April 21, 2003
Azis Tunny, The Jakarta Post, Ambon, Maluku. The police arrested nine suspected members of the South Maluku Republic (RMS) secessionist movement on Saturday, including its alleged armed forces commander, just one week before the rebels celebrate their anniversary on April 25.

FPI chairman arrested upon arrival at airport (21/04/2003) #5352
The Jakarta Post, April 21, 2003
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. The city police arrested the chairman of the Islam Defender's Front (FPI) radical group, Habib Rizieq Shihab, on Sunday as he arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Proses Malino II Akibatkan Pengungsi Maluku Terlantar (21/04/2003) #5351
Hilversum, Minggu 20 April 2003 15:15 WIB
Lebih dari setahun setelah Perdamaian Malino Kedua, proses perdamaian untuk Maluku ini ternyata kurang berhasil. Ada kesan, bahwa aparat berwajib cuci tangan, dan proses bantuan membuat korupsi marak dan nasib pengungsi, yang semula berjumlah sekitar 300-an ribu jiwa, menjadi terkatung-katung. Demikian menurut Zairin dari LSM Tapak Ambon. Berikut penjelasan Zairin sekembalinya dari Sidang Komisi Hak Hak Asasi Manusia PBB di Jenewa, yang juga mengangkat soal Maluku.

2,000 demonstrators turn up in Yogyakarta, calling for Jihad (21/04/2003) #5350
The Jakarta Post, 4/20/2003 4:48:35 PM
JAKARTA(JP): At least 2,000 people marched throughthe streets of Yogyajarta in central Java on Sunday, calling for a holy war against the United States in one of the largest protests here against the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq in recent weeks.

Security tightened in Maluku (21/04/2003) #5349
The Jakarta Post, April 19, 2003
Fabiola Desy Unidjaja, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. Authorities have tightened security in Maluku province ahead of the anniversary of the Republic of South Maluku (RMS) independence movement on April 24.

DPRD Maluku: Tindak Tegas Pengibaran Bendera RMS (21/04/2003) #5348
KOMPAS, Sabtu, 19 April 2003
Ambon, Kompas - Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah (DPRD) Maluku dalam pernyataan sikapnya, Kamis (17/4), menyatakan Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) yang dimotori Front Kedaulatan Maluku (FKM) adalah gerakan separatis serta pengacau keamanan yang harus ditindak tegas berdasarkan hukum.

Interaksi Masyarakat (II) (21/04/2003) #5347
Masariku Network Ambon, Masariku Update, 17 April 2003
Melanjutkan Masariku Update 16 April 2003, dapat dikatakan bahwa manajemen ketegangan publik di Ambon semakin didorong intensitasnya. Hari Selasa yang lalu, ditemukan bendera RMS di persekolahan Rehoboth-Batu Gantung Ambon. Bendera yang ditemukan oleh penjaga sekolah pada siang hari itu kemudian diserahkan pada aparat keamanan dari Yonif 743 yang bertugas di daerah itu, dan selanjutnya diteruskan ke mapolres pulau-pulau Ambon & Lease. Sampai hari ini belum diketahui siapa yang meletakan bendera di kompleks Sekolah Dasar Rehoboth tersebut.

Indonesia: Death in Custody Increases Fear in Papua (21/04/2003) #5346
Human Rights Watch, April 17, 2003
(New York) - The death in Indonesian military custody of a Papuan man, Yapenas Murib, needs an independent investigation, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch also called for outside access to other detainees in military custody who might be at serious risk of ill-treatment.

Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 124 (18/04/2003) #5345
12 April - 17 April 2003
MALUKU * A local newspaper, Ambon Ekspress, reported on 11 April that a violent stone throwing incident occurred between Hila IDPs in a camp at Hative village with people from a neighbouring Riang sub-village of Baguala sub-district, Ambon Island. No serious casualties or physical damage were reported. According to the military area command, security apparatus secured the area and brought the situation under control.
NORTH MALUKU * A local newspaper, Mimbar Kieraha, reported on 11 April that the Provincial Government of North Maluku would start development of the new capital of the province, Sofifi, which is located in North Oba sub-district of Central Halmahera district. Construction of several infrastructures (i.e. offices of the Governor, Regional People's Representative Council [DPRD] and other governmental departments) will start on July 2003 by using the fund from the National and Provincial Budgets.

What you can do to help persecuted Christians in Indonesia (18/04/2003) #5344
Christianity Today Magazine, April 2003
By Jeff M. Sellers | posted 04/15/2003. A strange thing happened in Indonesia last fall: The armed Islamic extremists who terrorized churches on the Maluku and Sulawesi islands for nearly three years suddenly left.

Kapolri: Pengibaran Bendera RMS Telah Diantisipasi (18/04/2003) #5343
KOMPAS, Kamis, 17 April 2003, 11:57 WIB
Laporan : Erlangga Djumena. Jakarta, KCM - Kapolri Jenderal Pol Da'i Bachtiar menegaskan, aparat Kepolisian sudah mengantisipasi kemungkinan pengibaran bendera Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) di Maluku sehubungan dengan ulang tahun RMS tanggal 25 April mendatang. "Pengamanan khusus di tempat biasa dikibarkannya bendera itu sudah kita jaga," ujar Da'i sebelum mengikuti Rapat Kabinet Terbatas di Istana Negara, Jakarta, Kamis (17/4).

Polri antisipasi pengibaran bendera RMS (18/04/2003) #5342
Bisnis Indonesia, Kamis, 17/04/2003 15:08WIB
Oleh Djony Edward. JAKARTA (Bisnis): Kapolri Jenderal Pol Da?i Bachtiar menegaskan pihaknya mengantisipasi kemungkinan masyarakat Ambon merayakan HUT Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) pada 25 April.

RMS supporters warned of subversion (17/04/2003) #5341
The Jakarta Post, April 17, 2003
Azis Tunny, The Jakarta Post, Ambon, Maluku. Maluku authorities renewed their warning against the South Maluku Republic (RMS) separatist movement, saying strong measures would be taken against those supporting for RMS and its affiliate, the Maluku Sovereignty Forum (FKM), in observance of the separatist movement's 54th anniversary on April 24.

Interaksi Masyarakat & Proses Rekonsiliasi (17/04/2003) #5340
Masariku Network Ambon, Masariku Update, 16 April 2003
Sekian lama kami tidak mengirimkan berita bagi members Masariku langsung dari Maluku. Ini diakibatkan kerusakan tekhnis pada computer Masariku Network Ambon, yang membutuhkan waktu lama bagi perbaikannya. Sekalipun demikian kami kira members Masariku bisa mendapatkan perkembangan berita dari berbagai sumber. Beberapa informasi yang dapat kami sampaikan, berkaitan dengan perkembangan situasi terakhir di Maluku a/l:

Bendera RMS mulai dikibarkan di Ambon (17/04/2003) #5339
SURYA Online, Rabu, 16 April 2003 18:59
Ambon, Surya: Bendera Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) mulai dikibarkan oleh pendukungnya di Ambon menjelang hari kemerdekaan gerakan separatis itu, 25 April mendatang. Selasa (15/4) dini hari, sebuah bendera RMS dikibarkan di halaman Sekolah Dasar Yayasan Rehobot, Kudamati, Ambon.

Moluccas: Alertness Towards Commemoration Of (17/04/2003) #5338
Declaration Of Independency
MISNA - Missionary Service News Agency, 15/4/2003 17:24
Politics/Economy, Standard. A state of alert has been proclaimed in Ambon (administrative capital of the Moluccas archipelagos, Indonesia) in view of 25 April, when the 53 commemoration of the declaration of independency of the South Moluccas (RMS – Republik Maluku Selatan)will be celebrated).

Govt prepares for war in Aceh (16/04/2003) #5337
The Jakarta Post, April 16, 2003
Fabiola Desy Unidjaja, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. Despite the Free Aceh Movement's commitment to participating in a proposed Joint Council meeting, the government has begun to make preparations for a military operation in Aceh, an unpopular move that has elicited strong opposition from various sides.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON/MOLUCCAS - Report No. 362 (16/04/2003) #5336
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, April 15, 2003
ALERTNESS TOWARDS APRIL 25th – With the annual commemoration of the declaration of independency of the South Moluccas (RMS / Republik Maluku Selatan) coming into view, military and police forces will do their utmost to prevent any raising of the RMS flag on that date, April 25th. No doubt the FKM is planning to hoist the RMS flag on that occasion.

Peringatan tentang kemungkinan tindakan militer di Aceh (16/04/2003) #5335
ABC AUSTRALIA, 16/4/2003
Panglima Kodam Iskandar Muda, Brigadir Jenderal Djali Yusuf, memperingatkan kemungkinan digelarnya operasi militer terhadap GAM di Aceh, apabila pertemuan Komite Bersama yang direncanakan akan dilangsungkan ternyata sia-sia.

Amnesty investigates reports that Indonesian military (16/04/2003) #5334
tortured Papuans
The Jakarta Post, 4/15/2003 1:19:47 PM
JAKARTA (JP): Amnesty International said on Tuesday that Indonesian troops had reportedly tortured villagers and torched homes during a hunt for separatist rebels in Papua province.

Rights group presents evidence of Papua torture (16/04/2003) #5333
ABC AUSTRALIA, 15/04/2003 21:42:36
Human rights group Amnesty International says Indonesian troops reportedly tortured villagers and torched homes ealier this month during a hunt for separatist rebels in Papua province.

Amnesty slams Indonesia's "dishonest" Timor rights trials (16/04/2003) #5332
The Jakarta Post, 4/15/2003 12:52:49 PM
JAKARTA (JP): Amnesty International on Tuesday slammed Indonesia's trials of suspects in the 1999 East Timor violence as "not honest, truthful or fair" and urged the United Nations to consider setting up a tribunal.

Indonesian militant heads to Iraq (16/04/2003) #5331
CNN, Monday, April 14, 2003 Posted: 1301 GMT ( 9:01 PM HKT)
By Amy Chew. Special to CNN. JAKARTA, Indonesia -- A radical Indonesian Muslim leader who called for a jihad against America in Iraq, has slipped out of the world's largest MMuslim country.

Prosecutors formally charge Ba'asyir with treason (15/04/2003) #5330
The Jakarta Post, April 15, 2003
Agencies, Jakarta. Prosecutors submitted the dossiers of Abu Bakar Ba'asyir to the Central Jakarta District Court on Monday and charged him with treason and immigration violations.

Ambon mayor urges police to arrest residents (15/04/2003) #5329
who hoist separatist flags
The Jakarta Post, 4/14/2003 6:04:48 PM
AMBON, Maluku (JP): Ambon Mayor M.J. Papilaya instructed the police on Monday to arrest any resident seen hoisting the South Maluku Republic (RMS) separatist flag here.

Provinsi Maluku Bakal Dapat Status Khusus (15/04/2003) #5328
SINAR HARAPAN, Senin, 14 April 2003
Ambon, Sinar Harapan. Penjabat Gubernur Maluku, Sinyo Harry Sarundajang, mengungkapkan dalam waktu dekat ini akan dikeluarkan Instruksi Presiden (Inpres) mengenai status khusus Provinsi Maluku. "Penetapan status khusus tersebut akan disertai penyaluran dana khusus untuk memperbaiki sarana dan prasarana serta sendi-sendi perekonomian masyarakat yang telah porak-poranda akibat konflik," ungkap Sarundajang kepada SH di Ambon, Minggu (13/4).

Indonesian cleric charged over bomb attacks (15/04/2003) #5327
ABC AUSTRALIA, 14/04/2003 21:48:51
Prosecutors in Indonesia have charged Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir of plotting bomb attacks in Indonesia and Singapore.

TNI Kembali Menunjukan Arogansinya Dengan (15/04/2003) #5326
Mengandalkan Senjata Api
FKM News Network, 12 April 2003
Peristiwa berawal dari perdebatan antara James Supusepa dengan Agus Loupatty (saudaranya Berty Coker Loupatty), James mempertanyakan Sertifikat Tanahnya yang dipinjam oleh Agus untuk dijadikan jaminan Bank, karena sudah beberapa tahun tidak ada kejelasan tentang keberadaan Sertifikat Tanah tersebut dan jawaban dari Agus sangat tidak memuaskan, karena seakan-akan tidak mau bertanggung jawab, James menjadi marah dan menghajar Agus.

Menjelang HUT RMS, 25 April (14/04/2003) #5325
Pangdam Pattimura Larang Pengibaran Bendera RMS
SINAR HARAPAN, Sabtu, 12 April 2003
Ambon, Sinar Harapan. Pangdam XVI/Pattimura Mayjen TNI Agustadi SP yang juga Panglima Komando Operasi Pemulihan Keamanan (Pangkoopslihkam) Wilayah Maluku dan Maluku Utara mengeluarkan larangan kepada simpatisan Front Kedaulatan Maluku (FKM). Larangan itu adalah tidak mengibarkan bendera Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) pada 25 April 2003 bertepatan dengan Hari Ulang Tahun RMS.

Muslims plan to thwart rebel groups's celebration (14/04/2003) #5324
The Jakarta Post, April 14, 2003
Aziz Tunny, The Jakarta Post, Ambon, Maluku. The Muslim community in the Maluku capital of Ambon have vowed to foil the planned anniversary celebration of the South Maluku Republic (RMS) next week.

Minister increases Papua confusion (14/04/2003) #5323
The Jakarta Post, April 14, 2003
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura, Papua. Home affairs minister Hari Sabarno has added to the confusion surrounding the partition of the autonomous province of Papua into three provinces -- Papua, Central Irian Jaya, and West Irian Jaya.

Indonesia's longest conflict in danger of flaring again (14/04/2003) #5322
ABC AUSTRALIA, 13/04/2003 12:23:41
Indonesia's longest conflict is in danger of breaking out again, just four months after a peace agreement was signed.

Aceh: Chess Game with Military Hardliners (14/04/2003) #5321
LAKSAMANA.Net, April 13, 2003 01:17
Laksamana.Net - In the weeks to come, President Megawati Sukarnoputri will face a crucial decision whether she will surrender to pressure from the military hardliners trying to force her to take military action in putting down the separatism group the Free Aceh Movement (GAM).

FKM defies Maluku authorities (14/04/2003) #5320
The Jakarta Post, April 12, 2003
Azis Tunny, The Jakarta Post, Ambon, Maluku. The Maluku Sovereignty Front (FKM), affiliated with the South Maluku Republic (RMS) separatist movement, said 2,500 supporters would raise the RMS flag in observance of the group's 54th anniversary on April 25, in defiance of the Maluku authorities.

Do not hoist separatist flag, TNI orders (14/04/2003) #5319
The Jakarta Post, April 11, 2003
AMBON (JP): The Indonesian Military (TNI) warned the separatist Maluku Sovereign Front (FKM) on Friday not to hoist the flag of the South Maluku Republic to mark its anniversary on April 25.

Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 123 (14/04/2003) #5318
5 - 11 April 2003
ACEH * According to local media reports 12 GAM members, 3 TNI soldiers, 1 police personnel and 2 civilians were killed during the reporting week.
CENTRAL SULAWESI * The Jakarta Post quoted the Chief of the Central Sulawesi Police, Brig. Gen. Taufik Ridha, on Monday (7 Apr.), saying that the situation in Poso is still fragile since many people still possessed homemade arms and explosives.
MALUKU * During the reporting week, ICMC facilitated 6 meetings with representatives (42 people) of some 100 displaced families from Bulla sub-district on Seram Island, who are living in Ambon. These meetings are in preparation for subsequent meetings with the District Administrator (Bupati) and Social Department (Dinas Sosial) in Masohi town on Seram Island to seek ways for possible return and integration with the resident community.
NORTH MALUKU * CORDAID sponsored a team from Khairun University of Ternate to conduct survey on agriculture, fishery, and animal husbandry in Loloda, Ibu, Jailolo, and Sahu sub-districts for its planned economic development programme based on agriculture, fisheries and animal husbandry.
PAPUA * Cendrawasih Pos reported on Thursday (10 Apr.) that many crop fields in floods-affected areas of Jayawijaya district were still inundated as water level of Baliem river remain above the danger level.

No compromise with RMS: Officials (11/04/2003) #5317
The Jakarta Post, April 11, 2003
Azis Tunny, The Jakarta Post, Ambon, Maluku. Maluku's acting governor Sinyo Harri Sarundayang insisted that the civilian emergency authorities would not compromise with the South Maluku Republic (RMS) separatist movement in the planned observance of its 54th anniversary on April 25.

'Papua division create more tension' (11/04/2003) #5316
The Jakarta Post, April 11, 2003
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. A presidential instruction (Inpres) issued in January 2003 to divide Papua province into three parts has done more to create tension and turmoil there than any government action in years, a nongovernmental organization warned.

Papuan leaders oppose any military operations (11/04/2003) #5315
The Jakarta Post, April 11, 2003
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura, Papua. Papuan religious leaders have expressed regret over the deaths of two soldiers and an alleged separatist rebel during the theft of weapons from a military base in Wamena last Friday, but called on the central government not to use it as a reason to launch another military operation in the province.

Govt signals war as GAM says no to Joint Council meet (11/04/2003) #5314
The Jakarta Post, April 07, 2003
Tiarma Siboro and Nani Farida, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. Hope for a peaceful solution to the Aceh issue faded on Thursday when the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) declined to attend a Joint Council meeting to discuss violations of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement.

East Timor indicts five more people for 1999 atrocities (11/04/2003) #5313
The Jakarta Post, April 11, 2003
Berni K. Moestafa, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. Prosecutors in East Timor filed another set of indictments at the Dili District Court over a spate of violent incidents in 1999, but said they were still waiting for response from the court in regards charges made against former Indonesian military chief Gen. (ret) General Wiranto.

Saumlaki bangun bandara internasional sambut (11/04/2003) #5312
'segitiga emas'
Bisnis Indonesia, Kamis, 10/04/2003 15:03WIB
AMBON (Persbiro): Guna mewujudkan kerjasama 'Segi Tiga Emas' Saumlaki-Dili-Darwin, Pemda Maluku Tenggara Barat (MTB) segera membangun bandara dengan panjang landasan pacu tiga km di Lourulun, Kecamatan Tanimbar Selatan.

Masih Adakah Supremasi Hukum? (11/04/2003) #5311
JE Sahetapy. There is enough for everybody's need but not for everybody's greed. - Mahatma Gandhi. Tidaklah mengherankan kalau orang suka melakukan perbandingan untuk mencapai suatu kesimpulan. Socrates pernah berucap bahwa You never know a line is crooked unless you have a straight one next to it. Perbandingan bukanlah suatu hal yang jelek atau tidak objektif, apalagi kalau tersedia suatu ukuran baku, yang objektif dan yang dapat disepakati secara bersama.

Arabs Outside Iraq Stunned By Collapse (11/04/2003) #5310
Associated Press, Thursday, April 10, 2003
By JASPER MORTIMER, Associated Press Writer. CAIRO, Egypt - Arabs responded Thursday to the sudden collapse of Saddam Hussein's government with anger, shock and even disbelief. One newspaper refused to acknowledge that Baghdad had fallen.

Muslim hardliner fails to report to police, (10/04/2003) #5309
reported headed for Iraq
The Jakarta Post, March 29, 2003
JAKARTA (JP): A militant Muslim leader failed Thursday to report to police in preparation for his trial, with supporters saying he had left for a "humanitarian mission" in Iraq.

Polisi Masih Menunggu Habib Rizieq (10/04/2003) #5308
KOMPAS, Kamis, 10 April 2003, 8:49 WIB
Laporan : Lily Bertha Kartika. Jakarta, KCM. Polda Metro Jaya hingga kini masih menunggu kedatangan Ketua Umum Front Pembela Islam (FPI) Habib Rizieq, namun bila yang bersangkutan tidak hadir sampai hari Kamis (10/4) siang, maka polisi akan benar-benar menjemput paksa.

Kapolda Sulteng Maklumatkan Penyerahan Senjata di Poso (10/04/2003) #5307
KOMPAS, Kamis, 10 April 2003, 10:56 WIB
Palu, Kamis. Kapolda Sulawesi Tengah (Sulteng)Brigjen Pol Taufik Ridha menyatakan, pihaknya akan membebaskan dari tuntutan hukum kepada masyarakat Poso yang menyerahkan senjata api secara sukarela. "Ini akan dituangkan dalam bentuk maklumat dan penerapannya dalam waktu dekat," kata Kapolda Ridha di Palu, Kamis (10/4).

Papua tensions said to be increasing (10/04/2003) #5306
ABC AUSTRALIA, 10/04/2003 08:02:47
An international study group says a decision by Indonesia's President Megawati Sukarnoputri to split restive Papua into three provinces has created serious tension and could spark violence.

Plea to rebels from Papua leaders (10/04/2003) #5305
ABC AUSTRALIA, 10/04/2003 05:38:11
The Papua Presidium Council is appealing to Free Papua rebels to refrain from attacking the Indonesian military so it can continue efforts to establish dialogue with Jakarta.

Indonesia: Papua division creates tension and turmoil (10/04/2003) #5304
The International Crisis Group (ICG), 9 April 2003
Jakarta/Brussels, 9 April 2003: A new briefing paper published today by the International Crisis Group, Dividing Papua: How Not To Do It*, a copy of which is attached, is highly critical of a Presidential Instruction issued in Jakarta on 27 January 2003 to divide Papua, now one province, into three. Promulgation of the decree, without any consultation with key Papuan leaders, has created serious tensions that could result in violence – particularly as the 2004 elections approach.

Dividing Papua: How Not To Do It (10/04/2003) #5303
The International Crisis Group (ICG), 9 April 2003
A presidential instruction (Inpres) issued in January 2003 to divide Papua, Indonesia's easternmost province, into three parts has done more to create tension and turmoil there than any government action in years. The instruction undercuts a special autonomy law passed by the parliament in November 2001 that assumed the province to be a single territorial unit, and it has thrown Papua's administrative status into legal limbo.
[Click here to view the full report as a PDF file in A4 format.]

Manila condemns attacks on Aceh peace monitors (10/04/2003) #5302
ABC AUSTRALIA, 09/04/2003 17:26:37
The Philippine government has condemned attacks on international peace monitors in the Indonesian province of Aceh.

East Timor indicts 16 more Indonesians for war crimes (10/04/2003) #5301
Associated Press, Wednesday April 09, 2003
DILI, East Timor (AP) Prosecutors in East Timor indicted 16 Indonesian officials, including eight military officers, for crimes against humanity allegedly committed during the country's bloody bid for independence in 1999, a U.N. statement said.

Keluarga Abu Jihad: Abu Jihad Punya Hubungan Dekat (09/04/2003) #5300
dengan Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin
SINAR HARAPAN, Selasa, 08 April 2003
Medan, Sinar Harapan - Anak Tengku Fauzi Hasbi Geudong alias Abu Jihad, Lamkaruna Putra, tidak membantah punya hubungan dekat dengan Letjen Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin (Kapuspen TNI) dan Gubernur DKI Sutiyoso. Kedekatan hubungan tersebut berawal dari penangkapan Abu Jihad saat masih aktif di Gerakan Aceh Merdeka (GAM).

West Papua: West Papuans debate way forward for (09/04/2003) #5299
freedom struggle
Green Left Weekly, April 9, 2003
HANS GEBZE is a West Papuan student based in Yogyakarta. He has been involved in political struggle since before 1998. He is a secretary-general of the Alliance of Papuan Students (AMP). Gebze spoke to Green Left Weekly's MAX LANE about the West Papuan people's struggle for freedom.

U.S. Deplores Attacks on Security Monitors in Aceh (09/04/2003) #5298
Washington File, 08 April 2003
Following is the text of a statement released by the State Department April 7 deploring recent attacks on the offices of Joint Security Committee monitors implementing the ceasefire in Aceh, Indonesia:

Penyandang Dana Ambon Terlibat Penjualan Amunisi (09/04/2003) #5297
Terkait Penyitaan 4.320 Butir Peluru
Suara Merdeka, Rabu, 9 April 2003
SOLO - Penyitaan amunisi sebanyak 4.320 butir kaliber 5,5 mm berikut 19 butir peluru jenis AK, FN, M-16 dan revolver di Banyumas, masih diusut. Jajaran kepolisian Solo yang kali pertama mengungkap kasus tersebut terus menyelidiki siapa yang sebenarnya memesan ribuan butir peluru aktif itu.

POLISI Sita Bahan Peledak 32 Ton (09/04/2003) #5296
KOMPAS, Rabu, 09 April 2003
Bandung,Kompas - Kepolisian Daerah (Polda) Jawa Barat menemukan sekitar 32 ton bahan kimia bahan dasar pembuat bahan peledak dari sebuah gudang milik CV AK di Jalan Holis No 48, Bandung Barat. Bahan kimia yang ditemukan itu antara lain potasium klorat, potasium nitrat, dan sulfur dalam bentuk bubuk dan cair yang disimpan dalam sebuah gudang.

Prosecutors to charge Bali bombing suspects (09/04/2003) #5295
ABC AUSTRALIA, 09/04/2003 05:42:11
Indonesian police have brought nine more Bali bombing suspects before prosecutors, in preparation for their trial.

9 killed in restive Aceh (09/04/2003) #5294
The Jakarta Post, 4/8/2003 5:45:40 PM
BANDA ACEH, Aceh (JP): Nine people were killed in the Indonesian province of Aceh Tuesday, in the worst day of violence since a peace pact was signed in December, AP reported.

9 Bali bombing suspects brought to prosecutors before trial (09/04/2003) #5293
The Jakarta Post, 4/8/2003 6:04:20 PM
DENPASAR, Bali (JP): Indonesian police on Tuesday brought nine more Bali bombing suspects before prosecutors in preparation for their trial and handed over evidence including a handgun and several cars.

Philippine bomb investigators seek Indonesian suspects (09/04/2003) #5292
ABC AUSTRALIA, 08/04/2003 22:05:38
Authorities in the Philippines are working with Indonesian police to find those responsible for two recent explosions in the southern Philippine city of Davao.

Maluku council prepares for gubernatorial election (08/04/2003) #5291
The Jakarta Post, April 08, 2003
Aziz Tunny, The Jakarta Post, Ambon, Maluku. The Maluku legislative council plans to kick start the long-delayed gubernatorial election, which the council hopes will result in the lifting of the state of civil emergency the province has been under for almost three years.

Maluku, Poso remain 'unsettled' (08/04/2003) #5290
The Jakarta Post, April 07, 2003
Azis Tunny, The Jakarta Post, Ambon/Jakarta. Security authorities will continue to disarm civilians in Maluku and Poso in anticipation of the 2004 general election and the planned gubernatorial election in Maluku.

Army sends Kopassus back into Papua (08/04/2003) #5289
The Jakarta Post, April 07, 2003
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura, Papua. After a daring burglary at the Wamena military district's arsenal on Friday in which two soldiers were killed and 29 rifles were stolen, 144 combat soldiers from the Army's Special Forces have been deployed to hunt down those responsible.

Prosecution Fails to Produce Credible Witness in (08/04/2003) #5288
Damanik Trial
Jubilee Campaign USA, April 7, 2003
On March 31, the state court in Palu convened for its seventh session in the case of Rev. Rinaldy Damanik, who is charged with the illegal possession of weapons discovered during a search of his vehicle in the Poso district of Central Sulawesi in Indonesia. The prosecution called its seventh witness, Sergeant Hasan, a military leader. Of thirty-two scheduled witnesses, the prosecution has now called five policemen and two members of the military; yet they have failed to produce a single credible witness with any substantial evidence.

RI to lodge complaint against Vanuatu if OPM opens office (08/04/2003) #5287
The Jakarta Post, 4/7/2003 7:23:57 PM
JAKARTA (JP): The government warned on Monday that it would lodgea protest against Vanuatu if the archipelago allowed the Free Papua Organization (OPM) to open a representative office in its territory.

RP police include Indonesian extremists among suspects (08/04/2003) #5286
in deadly bomb
The Jakarta Post, 4/7/2003 6:02:28 PM
MANILA (Agencies): Philippines police are looking into the possible involvement of Indonesians allegedly linked to the Muslim militant group Jama'ah Islamiyah in last week's bombing that killed 16 people in the southern Philippines, an official said on Monday.

Bush is a terrorist, says Indonesian VP (08/04/2003) #5285
ABC AUSTRALIA, 04/04/2003 23:02:40
Indonesia's vice president Hamzah Haz has lashed out at the US-led war against Iraq, calling President George W Bush the "king of terrorists".

Indonesian VP labels Bush "king of terrorists" (08/04/2003) #5284
AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Friday April 4, 2003
JAKARTA (AFP) - Indonesian Vice President Hamzah Haz lashed out Friday at the US-led war against Iraq, calling President George W. Bush the "king of terrorists."

150 Warga Maluku Gelar Aksi Unjuk Rasa di Amsterdam (07/04/2003) #5283
Hilversum, Minggu 06 April 2003 19:30 WIB
Sekitar 150 orang warga Maluku menggelar aksi unjuk rasa di Amsterdam Negeri Belanda. Mereka menuntut perhatian bagi kekerasa yang terjadi di kepulauan Maluku di Indonesia.

Ketua JI Asia Tenggara Diculik di Ambon (07/04/2003) #5282
SINAR HARAPAN, Sabtu, 05 April 2003
Ambon, Sinar Harapan - Polda Maluku telah meminta keterangan 12 saksi terkait dengan kasus penculikan Ketua Jamaah Islamiyah (JI) Asia Tenggara, Abu Jihad, saat berada di Kota Ambon tanggal 22 Februari 2003. Direktur Reserse dan Kriminal Polda Maluku, Komisaris Besar Usman Nasution, yang dikonfirmasi SH di Mapolda Maluku, Jumat (4/4), menjelaskan bahwa Abu Jihad dilaporkan hilang sejak 22 Februari 2003 pukul 16.00 WIT dan keluarganya menduga Abu Jihad diculik saat berada di Hotel Nisma, Ambon.

Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 122 (07/04/2003) #5281
29 March - 4 April 2003
ACEH * According to local media reports, 5 GAM members, 2 civilians and 1 TNI soldier were killed during the week.
MALUKU * demonstrations in Ambon city by students and members of the community at the governor's office and other government offices, as well as the United Nations building. The demonstrations were mainly protesting the war in Iraq, but one demonstration was against the UN office's establishment in the province. The demonstration was generally peaceful although damage was made to the UN front perimeter wall including UN sign post.
NORTH MALUKU * A local newspaper, Mimbar Kieraha, reported on Thursday (3 Apr.) that the North Maluku Governor has appointed 5 government officials to be installed in the newly created districts and municipality in North Maluku province as acting Bupati and Mayor. They are Djidon Hangewa as acting Bupati of North Halmahera district, Arif Y. Wahid as acting Bupati of South Halmahera district, Nurdin Umasangaji as acting Bupati of Sula Island district, M.Nur Zauhari as acting Mayor of Tidore Island Municipality, and Sudirman Gani as acting Bupati of East Halmahera district. The official instalment ceremony will take place upon the arrival of the Governor from Jakarta.
PAPUA * Radio New Zealand International reported on Monday (31 Mar.) that an accidental discovery of an explosives cache in Papua has led to fears of covert militia activity in the region. The concerns have been raised by tribal leaders in the coastal town of Sorong, where police have arrested Muhamad Kova, a local businessman and Islamic politician. Sorong's district police chief Failsa Abdul Nasir said Kova had been taken into custody and faces up to 20 years in jail for allegedly storing 12 home-made bombs in the warehouse of his cargo handling company. The Australian Associated Press quoted police saying the businessman told them that he stored the explosive for self protection. His lawyer denied that he was involved with any extremist groups that have been established a presence in Sorong and other coastal towns of Papua in recent years.

Indonesia Menunggu Sikap Resmi Vanuatu (07/04/2003) #5280
TEMPO, 4 Apr 2003 19:5:1 WIB
TEMPO Interaktif, Jakarta: Pemerintah Indonesia menunggu sikap resmi pemerintah Vanuatu. Hal itu berkaitan dengan pembukaan perwakilan Kedutaan Besar Papua di negeri yang terletak di Samudera Pasifik, sebelah Barat Daya Australia itu. "Kita ingin sikap hitam di atas putih," kata Juru bicara Departemen Luar Negeri, Marty Natalegawa, ketika dihubungi melalui telepon, Jumat (4/4).

TNI AL Kerahkan Belasan Kapal Perang di Perairan (07/04/2003) #5279
Maluku dan Irian Jaya
Republika, Jumat, 04 April 2003 18:16:00
Laporan: Sigit Pramono. Sorong-RoL--TNI AL mengerahkan belasan kapal perang yang secara rutin melakukan operasi sepanjang tahun di perairan Indonesia, khususnyaa laut Maluku dan Irian Jaya.

OPM Serang Makodim Jayawijaya, Tiga Tewas (07/04/2003) #5278
SINAR HARAPAN, Jum'at, 04 April 2003
Jayapura, Sinar Harapan - Markas Kodim (Makodim) 1702 Jayawijaya di Wamena, Jumat (4/4) dini hari pukul 01.30 WIT diserang oleh sekelompok orang yang menamakan dirinya Tentara Pembebasan Nasional-Organisasi Papua Merdeka (TPN-OPM). Akibatnya terjadi baku tembak antara anggota Makodim dengan penyerang.

Police, AFP probe Medan bombing (04/04/2003) #5277
The Jakarta Post, April 04, 2003
Damar Harsanto and Apriadi Gunawan, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta, Medan. Police said on Thursday they were working with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to investigate two bombing incidents in North Sumatra, betting on AFP's advanced technology to boost their chances of solving the cases.

Muslim hard-liner abducted, son says (04/04/2003) #5276
The Jakarta Post, April 03, 2003
JAKARTA: Abu Jihad alias Tengku Fauzi Hazdi Geudong, dubbed the Southeast Asian leader of the terrorist network al Qaeda, has been abducted, his son said on Tuesday.

Aceh activist missing (04/04/2003) #5275
ABC AUSTRALIA, 03/04/2003 16:17:24
Police in Indonesia say a Muslim hardliner believed to be close to the Jemaah Islamiah terrorist network has been reported as missing.

JI hardliner 'abducted' (04/04/2003) #5274
The Australian, April 03, 2003
A MUSLIM hardliner believed to be close to some leaders of the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) regional terrorist network has been reported abducted in the eastern Indonesian city of Ambon, police have said.

Polda Maluku Amankan Sebuah Bom di Ambon (04/04/2003) #5273
Republika, Kamis, 03 April 2003 17:07:00
Ambon-RoL-- Tim penjinak bahan peledak (Jihandak) Polda Maluku mengamankan sebuah bom dilengkapi timer yang ditemukan di kawasan pasar "kaget", Batu Gantung, Kecamatan Nusaniwe, Kota Ambon, Kamis sekitar pukul 15:20 WIT.

Kantor Perwakilan PBB di Ambon Tetap Diresmikan (04/04/2003) #5272
SINAR HARAPAN, Kamis, 03 April 2003
Ambon — Kantor Perwakilan PBB di Kota Ambon tetap diresmikan sebab merupakan lembaga yang sah diakui oleh Pemerintah Republik Indonesia. "Keberadaan kantor ini di Maluku, khususnya di Kota Ambon, dimaksudkan oleh mengoordinasikan kegiatan-kegiatan kemanusiaan yang selama ini tidak dapat ditanggunglangi oleh Pemerintah Indonesia," jelas Kepala Kantor Kesatuan Bangsa dan Perlindungan Masyarakat (Kesbang Linmas) Provinsi Maluku, Gunawan kepada SH di Ambon, Kamis (3/4).

Polisi Bantah Menyiksa Berty Loupatty dan Anggotanya (04/04/2003) #5271
TEMPO, 3 Apr 2003 18:28:8 WIB
TEMPO Interaktif, Jakarta: Penyidik Mabes Polri membantah telah melakukan penyiksaan atau kekerasan terhadap 19 anggota kelompok Geng Coker, termasuk ketuanya Berty Loupatty, saat berada dalam tahanan Mabes Polri. Polisi juga membantah Berita Acara Pemeriksaan (BAP) Berty dan rekan-rekannya dibuat dengan rekayasa penyidik.

Polri Bantah Siksa 'Geng Coker' (04/04/2003) #5270
DetikCom, Kamis, 3/4/2003
Reporter : Dian Intannia. detikcom - Jakarta, Polri membantah tuduhan Geng Coker (Cowok Keren), tersangka kasus rusuh Maluku. Menurut Polri, tidak ada penyiksaan yang dilakukan polisi terhadap Geng Coker. Polri juga membantah membuat BAP palsu yang harus mereka teken.

Bos Geng Coker Ngaku Disiksa Penyidik Mabes Polri (04/04/2003) #5269
DetikCom, Kamis, 3/4/2003
Reporter : Dian Intannia. detikcom - Jakarta, Ketua geng Cowok Keren (Coker), Berty Loupatty, yang menjadi tersangka berbagai kerusuhan di Maluku pasca penandantangan perjanjian Malino II, menilai pehananan dirinya dan anggota geng Coker lainnya tidak sah. Ia juga mengaku dirinya sempat dipukuli dan disiksa oleh penyidik Mabes Polri.

"Stop All Efforts To Create Paramilitary Groups In Papua" (04/04/2003) #5268
MISNA - Missionary Service News Agency, 3/4/2003 20:01
Peace/Justice, Brief. Franciscans International (FI) today, delivered a statement before the UN Commission on Human Rights, urging the Government of Indonesia to: "stop at once" all efforts to create paramilitary groups in Papua, open a political dialogue on history of Papuan integration, restore the national and international legal standards, safeguard freedom of expression and constructively join in peace efforts.

Maluku Police Detective Allegedly Kidnaps Abu Jihad (04/04/2003) #5267
TEMPO, 2 Apr 2003 9:20:50 WIB
TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Abu Jihad alias Tengku Fauzi Hazdi Geudong, who is allegedly involved in the Jamaah Islamiyah organization, was apparently kidnapped by a detective in the Maluku Police, according to Abu Jihad's son, Lamkaruna, who was speaking at the National Police Headquarters on Tuesday (1/4).

Another blast in Medan (03/04/2003) #5266
The Jakarta Post, April 03, 2003
MEDAN, North Sumatra: Following a bomb blast that damaged three cars at Medan mayor's office on Monday, another homemade bomb exploded in Labuhan Deli, more than 20 kilometers north of the city early on Tuesday, near a gas pipeline.

RUU Sisdiknas Dan Kemungkinan Bubarnya NKRI (03/04/2003) #5265
Hilversum, Rabu 02 April 2003 15:10 UTC
Intro: Penolakan terhadap RUU Sistem Pendidikan Nasional atau RUU Sisdiknas mulai muncul dan itu terjadi di daerah. Suara mereka tidak tanggung-tanggung cabut RUU Sisdiknas atau wilayah Indonesia bagian Timur keluar dari NKRI. Adakah jalan keluarnya? Koresponden Jopie Lasut mengirim laporan berikut dari Jakarta:

Papuan Anxiety Over Militias (03/04/2003) #5264
LAKSAMANA.Net, April 2, 2003 07:12 PM
Laksamana.Net - The discovery of a cache of explosives in Papua province has raised concern over the presence of covert pro-Indonesia militias in the region.

Papua causes tensions between Jakarta and Vanuatu (03/04/2003) #5263
ABC AUSTRALIA, 02/04/2003 12:24:30
Indonesia has threatened to review diplomatic ties with Vanuatu over the issue of independence for Papua province -- formerly known as Irian Jaya.

Australia: Indonesia-Vanuatu tension won't impact region (03/04/2003) #5262
ABC AUSTRALIA, 02/04/2003 16:20:51
Australia says tensions between Indonesia and Vanuatu does not have broader implications for the South Pacific.

Vanuatu to resist Indonesian pressure over Papua (03/04/2003) #5261
ABC AUSTRALIA, 01/04/2003 14:16:07
Vanuatu's deputy Prime Minister Serge Vohor, says his country will not sell cattle to Indonesia at the expense of Papua's Freedom

Homemade bomb explodes in Medan (02/04/2003) #5260
The Jakarta Post, April 02, 2003
MEDAN, North Sumatra: A homemade bomb placed in the backyard of the Medan mayor's office exploded on Monday, damaging three cars parked in the compound.

Paramilitary dissolution urged (02/04/2003) #5259
The Jakarta Post, April 02, 2003
JAKARTA: The government has asked political parties and organizations to dissolve their paramilitary units ahead of the 2004 general election, saying these groups violated the principles of democracy.

Papua explosives find escalates militia fears (02/04/2003) #5258
ABC AUSTRALIA, 01/04/2003 19:04:48
Police in the Indonesian province of Papua say the accidental discovery of a cache of illegal explosives has led to fears of covert militia activity in the region.

Kapolri: Dari Laporan Intelijen, Ancaman Bom Meningkat (02/04/2003) #5257
TEMPO, 1 Apr 2003 21:25:18 WIB
TEMPO Interaktif, Jakarta: Kapolri Jenderal Polisi Dai Bachtiar memprediksi kemungkinan terjadinya peningkatan ancaman bom. "Prediksi kami kalau sekarang terjadi serangan di Irak, bisa saja orang-orang yang sejak awal benci sama Amerika dan sekutunya melakukan tindakan seperti itu," kata Bachtiar usai mengikuti rapat koordinasi terbatas di kantor Kementerian Politik dan Keamanan, Selasa (1/3).

Indonesia wants Vanuatu to explain support for Papua (02/04/2003) #5256
ABC AUSTRALIA, 02/04/2003 08:28:22
Indonesia has expressed alarm at the opening of a Papuan People's office in Vanuatu.

Summary Indonesia Trip (02/04/2003) #5255
Jubilee Campaign USA, April 1, 2003
Sunday, March 09, 2003. The enthusiasm and anticipation as the team gathered was intoxicating as Kie Eng Go, Jubilee USA's Indonesia coordinator, David Mundy, a new attorney in my office handling primarily Jubilee projects, and I arrived at Jakarta. At the hotel we met up with Matious Ho, a dear friend of Jubilee, who has participated in all of our initiatives related to Indonesia.

Jubilee Campaign: Indonesian Pastor On Trial (02/04/2003) #5254
Shatter The Silence, Volume 7, Issue #3, March 31, 2003
Rinaldy Damanik, noted pastor and humanitarian aid worker, is on trial in Palu, Indonesia on a dubious weapons possession charge. A Jubilee Campaign USA team recently returned from a trip to Palu where they attended the first day of witness testimony.

Putra Abu Jihad Mengadukan Penculikan Ayahnya (02/04/2003) #5253, 01/4/2003 20:29 WIB
01/4/2003 20:29 — Tengku Fawzi Hasbi alias Abu Jihad dinyatakan hilang sejak 22 Februari 2003 di Ambon, Maluku. Pendiri Gerakan Aceh Merdeka itu telah berpisah dengan kelompoknya karena berbeda pandangan dengan Hasan Tiro.

Sly militia activities fears (02/04/2003) #5252
Post-Courier Online [Papua New Guinea], Tuesday 1 April, 2003
JAKARTA: An accidental discovery of an explosives cache in Indonesia's Papua province has led to fears of covert militia activity in the region.

US accuses Indonesian military over human rights (02/04/2003) #5251
ABC AUSTRALIA, 01/04/2003 22:33:28
The United States State Department says serious human rights abuses occured in Indonesia last year.

Nasib Ratusan Pengungsi Tobelo Masih Terkatung-katung (02/04/2003) #5250, 30/3/2003 14:10 WIB
30/3/2003 14:10 — Pemulangan 108 kepala keluarga pengungsi asal Tobelo, Maluku Utara, tertunda hampir sebulan. Tim Monitoring Pemulangan Pengungsi mengaku ada data yang belum lengkap serta koordinasi yang kurang.

Inquiry Shows Indonesian's Ties to Al Qaeda (02/04/2003) #5249
THE WASHINGTON POST, Saturday, March 29, 2003; Page A14
By Ellen Nakashima. Washington Post Foreign Service. PAMOKOLAN, Indonesia -- Long before he achieved notoriety as Hambali, the most wanted Islamic militant in Southeast Asia, the man was known to his neighbors in this village as a youngster who idealized America. He dreamed of rocketing into space like lunar pioneer Neil Armstrong, of visiting the United States and seeing its powerful computers.

Laskar-laskar Diimbau Membubarkan Diri (01/04/2003) #5248
Suara Merdeka, Selasa, 1 April 2003
JAKARTA - Menteri Pertahanan (Menhan) Matori Abdul Djalil mengimbau agar laskar-laskar membubarkan diri, karena keberadaan paramiliter tersebut tidak sesuai dengan prinsip demokrasi. Selanjutnya ke depan perlu ada undang-undang yang melarang organisasi kemasyarakatan yang berwujud milisi atau beratribut menyerupai aparat keamanan.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON/MOLUCCAS - Report No. 361 (01/04/2003) #5247
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, March 31, 2003
CONFUSION AROUND THE RETURN OF REFUGEES – Last March 1, 108 families should have returned to their homesteads in the Tobelo area, North Moluccas. Though many had their sparse belongings ready at the side of road, nobody seems to care any more about them, except that food supply has been stopped according to their departure schedule. As reason of this delay is given that some data are still lacking, others contend that it is simply a matter of poor coordination, whereas the Gamalama Corruption Watch in Makassar points to considerable corruption in refugees aid funds.

Maluku is foreigner-free zone, says official (01/04/2003) #5246
The Jakarta Post, March 29, 2003
AMBON, Maluku, (JP): Maluku island in Indonesia's Maluku province has been declared a foreigner-free zone, head of the provincial immigration office Wiryono said here on Saturday.

Ambon: A Phantom Force (01/04/2003) #5245
TEMPO Magazine, No. 29/III/March 25 - 31, 2003
Gang leader Berthy has retracted a statement implicating the military in the sectarian conflict in Ambon. BERTHY Loupatty, leader of the notorious Cowok Keren gang in Ambon, was incensed. Pointing a blue pen at presiding judge Arwan Byrin of the North Jakarta District Court, he shouted in anger: "They beat me and forced me to sign a blank piece of paper!" Berthy was replying to a question by the judge whether he had signed the police report implicating him in a series of violence in Ambon. He named Adj. Insp. J.H. Latuheru, of the Maluku Police, as the officer who forced him to sign the report. Latuheru denied the charge. Berthy, 36, appeared before the court on Thursday as a witness in the trial of his colleague Boyke Laturette.

Berthy Loupatty: "Kopassus? They often asked me (01/04/2003) #5244
to get things done"
TEMPO Magazine, No. 29/III/March 25 - 31, 2003
ABNER Wemy Loupatty looked bitter when TEMPO interviewed him on Thursday. TEMPO met the leader of the "Cool Dudes Gang," known as Berthy, 36, in the North Jakarta Court detention cell before the court session began. Dressed in jeans and a blue jacket, in a high-pitched voice he claimed to have been tortured in a police interrogation, making him withdraw his confession. Excerpts from the interview:

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