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A tribute to
Tokyo Crazy Paradise
by Yoshiki Nakamura
We're guessing that original Tokyo Crazy Paradise work is...
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Tsukasa and Ryuji

Table of Contents

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  • General Summary
  • Episode Translations
  • Complete as of: December 26, 2001 (some pics added as of April 14, 2002)
  • Special Translations
  • Last updated: August 2, 2002
  • CD Translations
  • Last updated: April 7, 2002
  • Images
  • Last updated: May 9, 2000
  • Character Profiles
  • Last updated: August 11, 2001
  • Facts
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  • Mini Dictionary
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    Wow... I haven't done anything in ages... Anyways, I finally got tankoubun #19 and I've translated some of the little extras that were included. I don't know what the editors are up to right now so it may take a little while before they show up. Pics of most of these can be found in the mailing list if you're interested.

    July 7, 2002

    A new and improved ep. 11 with visual aids. See what happens when a strike goes on and on and on and on and on and on......? Anyways, enjoy.

    April 14, 2002

    More images! Check out eps. 7 and 10. They're also touched up a bit...... Enjoy

    April 11, 2002

    A message from one of us lowly people who do the editing and setting up:

    Does putting up Christmas decorations count as an update? Probably not but merry Christmas, happy holidays (Hannukah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, and others that I have forgotten) to everyone from Yuki, Emily, Zabrina and myself. With all the translations done, the next move would be a big project. We'd have to have the guts to do a major renovation. Better presentation with Yuki's quality content. We'd love to at least anyways but it may take a while. Anyways, don't do anything too stupid this holiday and have fun!

    December 3, 2002

    Just a *teeny* change which is another archival (?) of the guestbook because there were too many comments. (^-^) Studying like crazy... No life. ICK...

    September 27, 2002

    Alright! I'm fully caught up. All the special translations are up. (Six more were added - #s 32 to 38.) Enjoy.

    August 2, 2002

    Hmmm... It's July 31st. Let's say I'll do updates every five months or so? I hope not. Only put up two measly special translations that Yuki did in March. There's still five or six more to go and hopefully I'll get to them faster than these last two. Thanks to everyone for all their patience. It's hard to edit with job and studies (and I did fail my last exam :P). Anyone suffering from TCP withdrawal?

    July 31, 2002

    Geez... I haven't done any real posting since November?!!!! Hey, at least I've finally taken down the Christmas decorations right? Anyways, I've finally gotten around to putting up special translations 26 through 29. Of course Yuki has done these so long ago and I'll seriously have to dig for the e-mail that credits the person who scanned in the washboard abs of a certain character ;) among other pictures. So, thank you to whoever scanned in the pics. I can't believe the series has ended but it's been a wonderful run. Thank you to everyone who has kept up with and supported our page over the years.

    January 31, 2002

    A message from another of us lowly people who do the editing and setting up:

    Hello from a far. Ya ya ya, I have noticed that I have not done much for a while but I'm back. Have been very busy for a while but I've come out of studying to do some editing. So without further ado I present to all who have been waiting for the latest translation, episode 95.
    April 16, 2001

    Our homepage can be translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portugese thanks to AltaVista.
    May 3,1999

    General Summary

    Tokyo Crazy Paradise is a comic that appears in Hakusensha's Hana to Yume, a bimonthly collection of comics released on the 5th and 20th of every month. It's written by Nakamura Yoshiki, who's also known for his/her series on Ichido and Yoshiyuki, a couple whose lives revolve around basketball. Before you ask, let me say this officially: Tokyo Crazy Paradise is still running now and is not yet finished!!
    Well, anyways, the year is 2006 and life in Tokyo is not easy for women where they are constantly under the fear of violence. A daughter and 3 sons are raised by the Kozukis, who are both police officers. Not wanting their daughter subject to the violence of Tokyo, they raise her as a boy...
    The year is now 2021 and Tsukasa Kozuki is still keeping her promise not to be taken advantage of by men. Skilled in fighting, naive and honest, she's left with her three brothers when their parents die suddenly in the line of duty. Their enemy? The yakuza, a Japanese gang (mafia). The main kumi in the area was Kuryugumi, headed by a 14-year-old boy named Ryuji Shirogami whose father had just been killed.
    Tokyo Crazy Paradise begins with a short story where Tsukasa tries to take advantage of her enemy, the yakuza, (specifically Ryuji), a classmate who she's known since grade school. He hires her as a bodyguard to find the killer of his father. It turns out that his killer was also responsible for the deaths of her parents.
    Since that episode, Tsukasa, unable to pay back for the amount of food her brothers had consumed while she was putting her life in danger, she's forced to work as his bodyguard, and the story continues... and her debt increases...

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    Where to Get Your Hands on Tokyo Crazy Paradise
    *Click here for more info...*

    All 19 books (tankoubuns) out as of April 22, 2002 in Japanese. The publisher is Hakusensha, and you're looking for the Hana to Yume series. There are on-line bookstores based in Japan and the US (and probably elsewhere) where you could get the books. I don't think this manga will ever be translated into English, but they are available in Chinese. Apparently it's printed in Taiwan, and goes under a different name, "Tokyo Angel Bodyguard" (!!?) It's $75 (Taiwan) and about $30 (HK). It's available in Taiwan/Hong Kong and California (see the Geobook comments for more details). Oh yeah, and if you find that the translations seem to be missing some things, it's because the tankoubuns are further edited, and may include cell/page additions/subtractions, little extras and changes in dialogue. Some of these have been translated in the Special Translations section.
    There is a CD out as of April 21, 1998 called "Tokyo Crazy Paradise ~ Tsukasa and Ryuji's Radio Night". It's sold in CD shops and Anime shops... in Japan... But some of our visitors have found the CD. Check the Geobook for details. Published by Marine Ent., it costs 2800 yen and features an original story. Translations for the CD tracks are slowly coming out.
    If you're interested, it is possible to get Hana to Yume in the Toronto area. Just go to a Japanese store and have it ordered (that's how I get it). There is a bimonthly one, and a monthly one. Check the guestbook/message board/mailing list/links to see where some people have found Tokyo Crazy Paradise and other manga.
    BTW, all major updates are listed at the top of this page in the Table of Contents and in the mailing list. There's a link to the mailing list in the Geobook if you haven't joined already. This website is maintained at least twice a month unless we are all suffering from too many assignments and tests.

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    Episode Translations

    Warning. Due to some of the minor "H" contents of this manga, reader's discretion is advised. Note also that these translations can be read without visual aids, although pics are always good... And if you're wondering... no, the translations are not word for word, but they are pretty close. Page numbers are not listed since translations are not done from the tankoubun but from the original mangas they are serialized in. Some differences seen in the tankoubuns are translated in the Special Translations section... slowly.

    [ ] Indicates comments etc by the translator.
    { } Indicates thoughts/comments made by characters under their breath.
    ( ) Indicates the kanji or other meaning of the word for the furigana a character used.

    Long Stories

  • Story 1J
  • Story 2J
  • Story 3J

  • No. 1J
  • No. 2J
  • No. 3J
  • No. 4J
  • No. 5J
  • No. 6J
  • No. 7J
  • No. 8J
  • No. 9J
  • No. 10J
  • No. 11J
  • No. 12
  • No. 13J
  • No. 14
  • No. 15J
  • No. 16J
  • No. 17
  • No. 18
  • No. 19
  • No. 20J
  • No. 21
  • No. 22J
  • No. 23J
  • No. 24J
  • No. 25J
  • No. 26J
  • No. 27
  • No. 28
  • No. 29
  • No. 30J
  • No. 31J
  • No. 32J
  • No. 33J
  • No. 34
  • No. 35J
  • No. 36J
  • No. 37
  • No. 38
  • No. 39
  • No. 40J
  • No. 41J
  • No. 42
  • No. 43
  • No. 44J
  • No. 45J
  • No. 46J
  • No. 47
  • No. 48
  • No. 49J
  • No. 50
  • No. 51J
  • No. 52J
  • No. 53J
  • No. 54
  • No. 55J
  • No. 56
  • No. 57
  • No. 58
  • No. 59
  • No. 60
  • No. 61J
  • No. 62
  • No. 63J
  • No. 64J
  • No. 65J
  • No. 66J
  • No. 67J
  • No. 68J
  • No. 69
  • No. 70J
  • No. 71J
  • No. 72
  • No. 73
  • No. 74J
  • No. 75J
  • No. 76
  • No. 77J
  • No. 78J
  • No. 79J
  • No. 80J
  • No. 81
  • No. 82
  • No. 83
  • No. 84
  • No. 85J
  • No. 86J
  • No. 87J
  • No. 88
  • No. 89J
  • No. 90
  • No. 91J
  • No. 92
  • No. 93J
  • No. 94
  • No. 95J
  • No. 96J
  • No. 97
  • No. 98
  • No. 99
  • No. 100
  • No. 101
  • No. 102
  • No. 103
  • No. 104
  • No. 105
  • No. 106
  • No. 107
  • No. 108 Part 1J
  • No. 108 Part 2J
  • Episodes with smiley faces (J) have pictures from the manga in them. The smiley faces may not show up in all browsers especially those that do not carry the "Wingdings" font - they will otherwise show up as "J".

    Volume 1 - Short/Long stories.  Episode 1
    Volume 2 - Episodes 2 to 7
    Volume 3 - Episodes 8 to 13
    Volume 4 - Episodes 14 to 19
    Volume 5 - Episodes 20 to 25
    Volume 6 - Episodes 26 to 31
    Volume 7 - Episodes 32 to 37
    Volume 8 - Episodes 38 to 43
    Volume 9 - Episodes 44 to 49
    Volume 10 - Episodes 50 to 55
    Volume 11 - Episodes 56 to 61
    Volume 12 - Episodes 62 to 67
    Volume 13 - Episodes 68 to 73
    Volume 14 - Episodes 74 to 79
    Volume 15 - Episodes 80 to 85
    Volume 16 - Episodes 86 to 91
    Volume 17 - Episodes 92 to 97
    Volume 18 - Episodes 98 to 103
    Volume 19 - Episodes 104 to 108 plus a little extra at the end
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