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Aaron, Agnew, Albers, Allamby, Andrew, Archer, Arthur, Babbington, Ball, Barnes, Basan, Batton, Beard, Beith, Benjamin, Bickerdike, Bishop, Blake, Boden, Bouch, Braash, Brealy, Brisbane, Brown, Brownbill, Bubeck, Burden, Burn, Buse, Cabble, Canfry, Carmon, Caseby, Chambers, Chick, Clay, Cloke, Cohen, Collopy, Coombe, Cosgrove, Cox, Crean, Crow, Cuppage, Dabb, Dannock, Davis, DeGraf, Detering, Dixon, Dorman, Drew, Dunbar, Eades, Egan, Endein, Everett, Facey, Fenton, Fishwick, Fletcher, Foreman, Frampton, Frew, Gaash, Garden, Gates, Gephart, Gill, Gleeson, Goff, Gordon, Grace, Graydon, Greening, Griffin, Groom, Haas, Halley, Hancox, Hare, Harrison, Hatch, Haynes, Height, Heraud, Hill, Hines, Hocking, Holman, Horn, Howie, Hunt, Ibbotson, Irons, Jack, Jarvis, Jessop, Jones, Kahle, Kelly, Kerr, Kilroy, Kirk, Labat, Lance, Laudehr, Leech, Letts, Lindner, Lodge, Lowden, Lyall, Macey, Male, Marden, Maskell, Mauger, Mcadam, McCoy, McGill, McKay, McKinlay, McMillan, Mead, Merrin, Miller, Missen, Monk, Morris, Mould, Munzel, Nagington, Ness, Niblet, Nolan, Oaff, Olsen, Pacey, Park, Paton, Peach, Peck, Pentland, Phillips, Pilcher, Plumb, Porter, Pretty, Pryce, Quak, Rabey, Ramm, Raw, Reeves, Rhodes, Riddell, Robert, Roche, Rosekelly, Ruck, Sabina, Sawyer, Scott, Sewell, Sherman, Sim, Skate, Smith, Sneddon, Spice, Stanlake, Steven, Stokes, Street, Sutch, Sutch, Tafft, Taylor, Teagle, Thompson, Thwaites, Tobin, Tout, Treffene, Treves, Trinick, Tubb, Uberang, Valentine, Wachtershauser, Walkerden, Walter, Warr, Watt, Wedd, Wharton, Whitefield, Wigley, Williams, Willing, Winchcomb, Wood, Worth, Yardley, Zala,

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Australia's first Free Settlers

The merchant ship 'Bellona' arrived in Port Jackson 15 Jan 1793, chartered by the British Government as a storeship, came from Gravesend with 17 female convicts and 12 free settlers. These people had their passage paid, and received on landing, an assortment of tools and implements and two years provisions while they established themselves on 30 acre allotments - granted free of expense with the service of a convict to be assigned.
The settlers are
Thomas Rose 40 (1749 - 1833) farmer from Blandford, Dorsetshire UK, his wife Jane Topp 33 (born 1757 died 1827), children Thomas 13, Mary 11, Joshua 9 and Richard 3 with his neice Elizabeth Hish 18
Thomas Webb and his wife with Joseph Webb 18, farmer
James Thorpe millright, Walter Brodie blacksmith and Edward Powell 30, fisherman from Lancaster
The group chose an area called 'Liberty Plains' (now known as Strathfield and Homebush), but the soil was not fertile. Thomas Rose was then granted 70 acres, sold it and purchased Laurel Farm in the Hawkesbury but weas flooded and moved again to Wilberforce where Rose Cottage was built c1808. It is (in 1982) the oldest timber cottage still in existance in Australia, and part of the Australiana Village complex at Wilberforce.
John Rose was born 14 July 1793, the first child born in Australia of free settlers.
Walter Rouse, who came on the First Fleet, was a bricklayer, helped construct their huts and was allocated 30 acres in the grant area.
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